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Wilderness 1
RESCUE OPERATIONS  | Published: 25 December 2011

Busy Christmas Day for NSRI volunteers

National SUNDAY 25th DECEMBER 2011. Incidents: East London, Wilderness, Richards Bay:EAST LONDONGeoff McGregor, NSRI East London station commander, said:At 09h55 on Sunday, 25th December NSRI East London duty crew were activated following reports of a drowning in progress at Morgan ...

IMG 20111223 01149
RESCUE OPERATIONS  | Published: 24 December 2011

Cat towed into Cape Town

Table Bay's Spirit of Vodacom was called out by the National Ports Authority to assist the catamaran Namara into Cape Town Harbour. Namara, stuck in a windless pocket with no engines was unable to make her way into port. Spirit ...

Mossel 001
RESCUE OPERATIONS  | Published: 24 December 2011

Collision between two boats off Mossel Bay:

MOSSEL BAY FRIDAY 23rd DECEMBER 2011 COLLISION AT SEA:At 13h53 NSRI Mossel Bay volunteer sea rescue duty crew were called out by the Transnet National Ports Authority following reports of a collision between two boats 300 meters off Dias Beach ...

Bakoven 5981
RESCUE OPERATIONS  | Published: 24 December 2011

Silk Knot stuck at Clifton

The motor yacht Silk Knot called for assistance after getting her anchor fouled with another crafts abandoned anchor chain off Clifton’s 4th beach. No matter what they tried they could not free the anhor and then decided to call Sea ...

W Arriving at Witsand
RESCUE OPERATIONS  | Published: 23 December 2011

Popular soapie actor Andre Roothman and friend rescued:

CAPE INFANTA THURSDAY 22nd DECEMBER 2011.At 12h20 NSRI Agulhas and NSRI Witsand volunteer duty crews were called out after a request for assistance from two paddlers reporting to have capsized and drifting at sea clinging onto their double sea kayak ...

Still bay
RESCUE OPERATIONS  | Published: 22 December 2011

Busy 48 hours for NSRI volunteers : National

CHINESE LANTERNS MISTAKEN FOR RED DISTRESS FLARES – NSRI ARE MAKING AN URGENT APPEAL TO THE PUBLIC NOT TO SET OFF CHINESE LANTERNS:Chinese Lanterns are made out of a balsa wood or thin wire frame, a paper shell and a ...

St Francis 44001
RESCUE OPERATIONS  | Published: 21 December 2011


JEFFREYS BAY TUESDAY 20th DECEMBER 2011.At 12h07 NSRI St Francis Bay volunteers were called out following a request for medical assistance from the Chokka fishing boat LAZARUS. A 50 year old Port Elizabeth crewman onboard had a suspected CVA (Cerebro ...

Witsand 5213
RESCUE OPERATIONS  | Published: 21 December 2011


WITSAND WEDNESDAY 21 DECEMBER 2011.At 06h26 NSRI Witsand volunteer sea rescue duty crew were called out following reports of a boat capsized at 'The Bar' (a semi submerged sand bar just off the Breede River Mouth). Two men were reported ...

Vaal 1130727
RESCUE OPERATIONS  | Published: 19 December 2011

Busy weekend for Vaal Dam:

VAAL DAM Friday and Monday, 16th and 19th DECEMBER, 2011. Incidents at Vaal Dam:At 17h10 on Friday 16th December our NSRI Vaal Dam duty crew were called out following reports of a woman who was injured north of the Vaal ...

Melkbos 9958
RESCUE OPERATIONS  | Published: 18 December 2011


MELKBOSSTRAND FRIDAY 16th DECEMBER 2011.At 16h20 NSRI Melkbosstrand volunteer sea rescue duty crew, while on routine duty stand-by at our sea rescue station, were called by a group of children who came running towards our sea rescue station shouting that ...

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