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RESCUES  | Published: 8 December 2023

NSRI Lifeguards are ready for the summer season

With the summer season in full swing and warmer days beckoning beachgoers to the coast, it’s important not to let our guard down to ensure we keep ourselves and our families safe. ...

2023 12 03 Safety Appeal
SAFETY ALERT  | Published: 3 December 2023

Prioritize Your Safety: Urgent Appeal to the Public for Responsible Practices in Coastal and Inland Activities

We are appealing to the public to be safe in all activities. ...

Full Moon Spring Tide Alert
SAFETY ALERT  | Published: 27 October 2023

Full Moon Spring Tide Alert

NSRI SAFETY ALERT: The full moon Spring tide is now at its peak and will be for the remainder of this weekend and into the new week! And summer season is here … ...

Generic Safety Alert
SAFETY ALERT  | Published: 23 September 2023

National Safety Alert

The South African Weather Services (SAWS) has forecasted gale-force winds and rough sea conditions at places around the Western and Eastern Cape coastlines, and extending beyond. The NSRI is appealing to seafarers and public members to be cautious.In places, affecting ...

Super blue moon 30aug
RIP CURRENTS  | Published: 29 August 2023

Super Blue Moon Spring Tide coming over 30th and 31st August

NSRI are appealing to the public to be cautious around the coastline during the full moon Spring tide that has already begun and peaks during the full moon period over the 30th and 31st of August. ...

Safety alert incomingcoldront
SAFETY ALERT  | Published: 28 July 2023

Safety Alert - Cold front expected to land

NSRI are appealing for public caution over this weekend with cold fronts forecast by SAWS (South African Weather Service) predicted to impact the coastline and inland water ways. ...

Generic Safety Alert
NEWS  | Published: 12 May 2023

NSRI Safety Alert - Cold front expected this weekend

NSRI are appealing for safety during the cold front expected to prevail over the weekend in places around South Africa. ...

Full Moon Spring Tide Alert
SAFETY ALERT  | Published: 5 May 2023

NSRI SAFETY ALERT: The full moon Spring tide

The full moon Spring tide is here, it peaks today, on Friday, the 5th of May, and as normal bathers and sea users are warned to be cautious during the Spring Tides higher than normal high tides and lower than ...

Shark sighting mdumbi
SAFETY ALERT  | Published: 2 May 2023

MDUMBI – Shark incident

At approximately 14h00, Monday, 1 May, NSRI were notified of a man reported to have been bitten by a shark while free diving at Mdumbi. ...

Station 14 Plettenberg Bay 02
SAFETY ALERT  | Published: 2 May 2023

PLETTENBERG BAY: A safety appeal

NSRI Plettenberg Bay would like to commend the swift actions of a concerned eyewitness and our dedicated Coast Watcher team, following reports of a man on a sea kayak appearing to be getting into some difficulties offshore of the Beacon ...

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