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Leave a gift in your will

It is a common misconception that only wealthy people leave money in their will to charity. The reality is that most charitable bequests are made by people who just want to make a positive difference after they’ve gone.

After family and loved ones, you may wish to consider a bequest to the NSRI that will ensure your legacy lives on through the life-saving work that we carry out. Bequests to charitable institutions are exempt from tax and may lead to savings in the amount of estate duty payable.

You can bequeath an amount in cash – either fixed or calculated as a percentage of your residual estate – or a specific asset, such as a piece of land or valuable collector’s item, or even a combination of these. The choice is yours, as is the decision to attach any conditions to your bequest.

Preparing your will is very personal and we recommend that you consult your professional adviser. You can decide to update your existing will by downloading our Codicil (link below) and attaching it to your will.

Should you like to tell us about a gift left in your will, we promise to keep this information confidential and we would love to be able to thank you.

Your Will is not only an important legal document, it is also a reflection of your unique life story – the people, places and causes that matter most to you. Leaving a bequest to the NSRI is a way of ensuring that your values and support continue to benefit others long into the future. Your bequest can be a monetary donation (fixed amount or a percentage of your estate), a property, shares or an item from the estate. This is entirely your choice.

In addition to supporting the life saving work of the NSRI, there are tax benefits when leaving a bequest to a registered Public Benefit Organisation such as the NSRI. Bequests are tax deductible on your estate duties which means that making a bequest will reduce the amount of estate duty paid our of your estate.

Should you like to tell us about a gift left in your will, we promise to keep this information confidential and we would love to be able to thank you.

For more information please contact Gerrie Niemand on 021 434 4011 or email

Make us part of your trust or foundation

Trusts and Foundations raise an appreciable amount of funding for the National Sea Rescue Institute’s rescue work annually.

Please consider adding the NSRI as a beneficiary of your trust or foundation. The benefit, apart from a feeling of having done something good, is that you will be able to deduct your donation from SARS using our Section 18A Tax certificate.

We look forward to hearing from you.


“The coastline of South Africa will always be dangerous. Through their wonderful efforts, there is comfort in knowing that NSRI can be called on to help those in distress when things get out of hand on the water. And there is so much more. NSRI does not just save lives. Their programmes to educate people about the hazards of waterborne activities is so valuable for current and future generations. South Africa can only be proud of our very own NSRI."

The Rolf Stephan Nussbaum Foundation