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Leave a gift in your will

National Wills Week is from 16 to 20 September 2024, and it reminds South Africans of the importance of a valid and up-to-date will.

It’s an opportunity to have your will drafted for free and to leave a lasting legacy.

Your will is an important legal document that reflects your unique life story—the people, places, and causes that matter most to you. By leaving a gift in your will to the NSRI—no matter how big or small—you can ensure your legacy saves lives long after yours has ended.

Because the NSRI is totally reliant on donations and sponsorships, each and every bequest made to the NSRI is actively used to save lives.

What is South African National Wills Week? National Wills Week is an annual reminder of the importance of an up-to-date will to fulfil your wishes after your death.

From 16 to 20 September 2024, participating attorneys nationwide will be drafting wills for free, making it the perfect time to review and update your will – or to draw up a will if you don’t yet have one.

Remember that your will needs to be reviewed when your family or financial circumstances change (for example, if you buy or sell a property or make an investment) if a beneficiary dies, if you have children or grandchildren, or if your executor dies or becomes unfit to act on your behalf.

Even if none of these changes occur, you must check your Will's validity. The Law Society of South Africa lists the attorneys participating in National Wills Week by province.

How can I leave a bequest to the NSRI?

In your will, you can bequeath an amount in cash – either a fixed amount or calculated as a percentage of your residual estate – or a specific asset, such as a piece of land or collectors’ items, or even a combination of these. This is entirely your choice, and you are entitled to attach certain conditions to such a bequest.

Should you wish to leave a gift in your will to the NSRI, you can simply download a codicil and attach it to your will.

What are the tax benefits of making a bequest to the NSRI?

In addition to supporting the life-saving work of the NSRI, there are tax benefits of leaving a bequest to a registered NGO such as the NSRI. Bequests are tax deductible on your estate duties. This means that making a bequest will limit the amount of estate duty paid out of your estate.

‘Why Im leaving a bequest to the NSRI.’

Some of our valued supporters share why they’ve chosen to leave a bequest to the NSRI in their wills.

Elizabeth Milln Port Alfred, Eastern Cape

'Serving as a radio operator with NSRI for 9 years, I know from experience how much our crews give to save lives.  Not only do they go to sea in all weather – risking life and limb ­– but they also give financially by taking time off for emergencies during working hours. As a mother of a son who sails offshore, I'm eternally grateful to know that NSRI are there for him and his crew. Like many pensioners, I know that I personally could not support NSRI financially, but a codicil left with my will means that I can leave them something when my pension is no longer needed. That way too, I am still a member of NSRI.’

June Borlase, Queensburgh, KZN

“I am blown away that volunteers take their lives in their own hands to save other people. That is rare nowadays and the brave volunteers go beyond the call of duty and should be commended.”

Colin Kidwell, Meadowridge, Cape Town

“I support NSRI due to my long involvement with sailing and other water sports and because of NSRI’s ongoing education and training that helps to save lives. I decided to leave a bequest in my will because the whole operation is voluntary and very worthwhile.”

Stuart and Kate Ormerod, Pennington, KZN

“As a person who doesn’t swim, I take comfort that someone cares enough to train to be a lifesaver, to be there for me should I need them. This is why we are leaving a bequest to NSRI for them to continue to rescue lives.”

Ivan and Laraine Brindley, Hillcrest, KZN

'We were part of the sailing community for 40 years, and in that time, we were very aware of the NSRI and reassured that they could be called on to assist. We heard many accounts of the assistance people received from NSRI when at sea. That's why we want to leave a legacy – it's not for us, it's for them to save lives.’

Should you like to tell us about a gift left in your will, we promise to keep this information confidential and we would love to be able to thank you.

For more information about leaving a bequest to the NSRI, please contact Alison Smith at 021 434 4011 or

Make us part of your trust or foundation

Trusts and Foundations raise an appreciable amount of funding for the National Sea Rescue Institute’s rescue work annually.

Please consider adding the NSRI as a beneficiary of your trust or foundation. The benefit, apart from a feeling of having done something good, is that you will be able to deduct your donation from SARS using our Section 18A Tax certificate.

We look forward to hearing from you.


“The coastline of South Africa will always be dangerous. Through their wonderful efforts, there is comfort in knowing that NSRI can be called on to help those in distress when things get out of hand on the water. And there is so much more. NSRI does not just save lives. Their programmes to educate people about the hazards of waterborne activities is so valuable for current and future generations. South Africa can only be proud of our very own NSRI."

The Rolf Stephan Nussbaum Foundation