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Bathers and shoreline anglers around the coast will notice that from today the high tide will gradually get higher than normal and low tide will gradually retreat to lower than normal leading up to the peak of the full moon Spring tide on the 6th of January - a full moon micro moon.

The concern is that coastal bathers and shoreline anglers who are not aware of the full moon (and new moon) Spring tides will be caught off guard.

Rip currents can be stronger in places during a Spring tide.

We are appealing to coastal bathers and shoreline anglers to be cautious and bathers should only swim at beaches protected by lifeguards, swim in between the safe swimming areas lifeguards post using their red and yellow flags.


Wednesday, 28 December, at 17h20, NSRI Wilderness were alerted to reports that George Municipal lifeguards had recovered a body at Victoria Bay after a surfer had alerted lifeguards of a body he had come across in the water while surfing.

Police attended at the scene where the body of a man was taken into the care of Government Health Forensic Pathology Services.

The body was identified and confirmed to be a 26 year old Zimbabwean man who had been reported missing at Victoria Bay on Tuesday.

George Municipal lifeguards, NSRI Wilderness and George Fire and Rescue Services had searched extensively the day before but the man had only confirmed to be reported missing later. On Wednesday morning NSRI Wilderness and George Fire and Rescue Services continued in an extensive search and lifeguards were tasked to keep a look out.

Condolences are conveyed to the family.


On Friday, 30 December, at 17h34, NSRI Simonstown duty crew responded to Kalk bay Harbour where a man was reported missing.

City of Cape Town (CoCT) lifeguards initiated a search and were joined by NSRI Simonstown, CoCT Law Enforcement officers, SA Police Services, Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services, CMR (Cape Medical Response) and WC Government Health EMS.

An extensive search revealed no sign of a man who had gone missing in shallow water at a beach adjacent to Kalk Bay Harbour.

On Saturday, 31 December, NSRI Simonstown and CoCT Law Enforcement officers assisted Police divers in an ongoing search.

The body of an adult male, believed to be from Valhalla Park was located and recovered, by Police divers, onto an NSRI rescue craft and brought to NSRI Simonstown rescue station where the body was taken into the care of Government Health Forensic Pathology Services.

Condolences are conveyed to family of the deceased man.


On Saturday, 31 December, at 18h35, NSRI Strandfontein, SA Police Services and WC Government Health EMS responded to Monwabisi where CoCT Law Enforcement officers were in attendance at a drowning in progress.

An unidentified bystander rescued a 31 year old man from the water.

He was treated on the scene by paramedics before being released.

The bystander is commended for saving the mans life.

On Sunday, 1 January, NSRI Strandfontein, Life Health Care paramedics, WC Government Health EMS and CoCT Law Enforcement officers responded at 15h00 to the Muizenberg lifeguard tower where CoCT lifeguards had initiated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation efforts on a 38 year old female that had been brought from the water by bystanders.

Paramedics continued with CPR and after CPR was successful the female was transported to hospital in a critical condition by EMS ambulance.

Earlier, at 16h31, NSRI Strandfontein crew responded to the Monwabisi tidal pool where CoCT lifeguards recovered a 4 year old male child who was treated for non-fatal drowning symptoms before being transported to hospital by EMS ambulance.

Earlier in the day NSRI Strandfontein assisted CoCT lifeguards at Muizenberg Beach where hundreds of bathers were at risk in the water. CoCT Lifeguards had initiated routine assistance to bathers as the tide changed. NSRI Strandfontein used a jet-rib rescue craft to assist the lifeguards until the bathers were safely out of danger and risk had been averted.


On 1 January, at 10h09, NSRI Gordons Bay assisted CoCT lifeguards when a bystander recovered a female 12 years old from the water at Cape Sands. She received medical treatment at Strand Lifesaving Club before being released.

At 12h05, NSRI Gordons Bay assisted a young boy who was dehydrated and collapsed on the beach in the vicinity of the NSRI Gordons Bay satellite station on Strand Beach. He was hydrated before being released.

At 12h25, NSRI Gordons Bay assisted a 7 year and 10 year old boy who were involved in a motor vehicle accident in the vicinity of NSRI Gordons Bay satellite station at Strand Beach. NSRI Gordons Bay assisted lifeguards who treated the 2 patients who were taken into the care of ER24 ambulance services.

At 12h30 NSRI Gordons Bay assisted a young lady who was experiencing difficulty in breathing in front of Topaz at Strand Beach. She was taken into the care of Immediate paramedics.

At 15h24, NSRI Gordons Bay, while on patrol at Strand beach rescued 2 casualties caught in a rip current in front of Leonashof, Strand Beach. They were treated by NSRI before being released.

NSRI Gordons Bay then rescued another casualty, age 15, at the same area who was caught in a rip current.

He was recovered unresponsive from the water and brought to the Strand Lifesaving Club before being transported to hospital in a serious condition.


At 12h07, NSRI Plettenberg Bay duty crew were activated and responded to Robberg Peninsula where a man had fallen and was injured on the Robberg hiking trail.

He had managed to walk to the parking area where he was treated by NSRI medics for injuries before going to hospital for further care.

At 19h13, NSRI Plettenberg Bay duty crew responded to the Piesang River braai area following reports of a drowning in progress.

An NSRI Plettenberg Bay rescue swimmer recovered an adult male from the water where Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation efforts were commenced by NSRI Plettenberg Bay medics.

Bitou Municipal lifeguards, Medlife ambulance services, Plettenberg Bay First Responders, Bitou Fire and Rescue Services and the SA Police Services were in attendance.

After all efforts to resuscitate the man were exhausted sadly he was declared deceased.

Condolences are conveyed to the family of the deceased man.


At 12h25, Sunday, 1 January, NSRI Mossel Bay duty crew responded to Glentana where 3 lifeguards rescued an adult male from rough sea conditions who had been caught in rip currents.

An NSRI Gauteng crewman, on holiday in the area, had also responded.

The man was taken into the care of paramedics.

The 3 Mossel Bay Municipal lifeguards are commended for saving the man life.

NSRI Mossel Bay duty crew were alerted just after 17h00 to reports of a drowning in progress at the Great Brak River Mouth at the lagoon.

Mossel Bay Fire and Rescue Services, SA Police Services and ambulance services reported the child out of the water and extensive Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation efforts were exhausted before sadly the child was declared deceased.

Condolences are conveyed to the family.


On Sunday, 1 January, at 14h11, while on a routine patrol, NSRI Port Alfred duty crew on board the NSRI rescue craft Rescue 11 Alpha noticed an adult male in difficulty while attempting to swim from the East Pier to the West Pier at the Kowie River Mouth.

He was rescued and brought to the NSRI Port Alfred rescue station where NSRI Port Alfred medics stabilised the man.

Gardmed ambulance services and EC Government Health EMS arrived on the scene and following further medical treatment he was released requiring no further assistance.

At 16h34, NSRI Port Alfred duty crew, during a routine patrol aboard Rescue 11 Alpha, noticed 2 swimmers caught in rip currents.

NSRI rescue swimmers were deployed into the surf and rescued a 16 year old male and a 40 year old male who were returned to the beach and they required no further assistance.


At 17h52, NSRI Port Alfred were alerted to a drowning in progress at Kenton-On-Sea, at the Kariega Main Beach.

Our NSRI rescue craft and NSRI rescue vehicle responded while an NSRI volunteer in Kenton was alerted and responded.

2 young females had been washed onto the beach where bystander Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation efforts were in progress.

NSRI Port Alfred medics, Gardmed ambulance services, EC Government Health EMS, Ndlambe Fire and Rescue Services and SA Police Services were in attendance as well as Umhlanga and Durban lifeguards who are on holiday at Kenton, also assisted on the scene where extensive CPR efforts were underway on both females.

While on the scene it was noticed a female in difficulty in the surf.

NSRI Port Alfred rescue swimmers recovered the girl from the beach where CPER commenced on that female.

After all efforts to resuscitate the 3 females, aged between 10 and 14, were exhausted sadly they were declared deceased.

Local residents then confirmed that a 9 year old male was missing in the surf.

A search has revealed no sign of that child and an ongoing search and recovery operation is being coordinated.

Condlences are conveyed to the families of the deceased and thoughts are with the family of the missing boy.


CoCT lifeguards treated a 16 year old female for non-fatal drowning symptoms at Maidens Cove at 15h24 on Sunday, 1 January.


NSRI has been notified of an incident - on Thursday, 29 December, where a Dutch kite boarder adult male was critically injured after it appears the man had being airlifted in to the air while kite-boarding and he had landed in the car park area at Sunrise Circle Beach, Muizenberg.

CMR (Cape Medical Response) and Netcare 911 paramedics conducted extensive Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation efforts on the scene before the man was then transported to hospital by CMR ambulance while CPR continued in the ambulance and on arrival at a hospital.

Sadly the Netherlands man was declared deceased at a hospital after all efforts to resuscitate the man were exhausted

Condolences are conveyed to the family of the deceased man.

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