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A Clean Audit of a Company, in this case the NSRI, means that the financial statements are free from material misstatements, there are no material findings on the annual performance report and lastly, there are no material findings on non-compliance with key legislation.A clean audit must therefore be the objective of every corporate, but particularly a Non Profit Company, as an expression of good governance in providing assurance to stakeholders that the company is ethical in all respects. The NSRI is a leading South African charity and therefore aspires to the highest levels of corporate governance.The NSRI Auditors have informed us that the control of cash collections (coins and notes) is a principle reason for not achieving a clean audit. The NSRI is also aware that criminals are using the NSRI Brand to fraudulently solicit cash from unsuspecting members of the public as happened in Lakeside this week when someone went door to door asking for cash donations, something the NSRI doesn’t do.It is very important for the NSRI to be able to assure its donors that as a company it has taken all possible steps to ensure that donations are secure and end up being deployed for the purpose for which they were meant, saving lives! We will therefore remove all cash collection mechanisms currently in place i.e. the collection boats, by the 31st of December 2018. We will replace cash collection with other mechanisms in 2019 so that stations can still raise funds through street collections, face to face and virtual collection boats using utilities like ‘Snapscan’ for example.Members of the public or our donors can call the NSRI on 021-4344011 to inform us if they are aware that someone is collecting cash in the name of the NSRI after the 31st of December 2018.
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