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WITBANK:3 local men on a Bass fishing boat assisted up river.Travis Clack, NSRI Witbank station commander, said:At 10h35, Saturday, 10 October, NSRI Witbank duty crew, while on station for routine training exercises, were activated following an eye-witness report from a fellow fisherman of 3 local adult male fishermen, taking part in a local league fishing competition, experiencing engine failure to their Bass fishing boat near to the third bridge approximately 12 nautical miles upstream of the Olifants river.The NSRI rescue craft Rescue 35 was launched and we rendezvoused with the casualty boat finding the 3 men safe but with engine failure to their boat.A towline was established and we towed the casualty boat to Maanlig fishing resort without incident and once the casualty boat was recovered no further assistance was required.HARTBEESPOORT DAM:A man and a child assisted after their jet-ski capsizes.Arthur Crewe, NSRI Hartbeespoort Dam station commander, said:At 11h01, Saturday, 10 October, NSRI Hartbeespoort Dam duty crew were activated following reports of a man and a male child in difficulty on a jet-ski on the dam near to Meerhof Estate.Reports were that they were in the water after the jet-ski reportedly capsized and their was information from eye-witnesses suggesting that the child was having difficulty to stay afloat.The NSRI rescue craft Rotary Endeavor was launched and HEMS (Hartbeespoort Emergency Medical Services) and a Netcare 911 helicopter were activated.On arrival on the scene we found that a canoe had been launched and the child had been rescued safely onto the canoe and the child was transferred onto our rescue craft and the man was recovered from the water onto our rescue craft.The man and (believed to be) his 6 year old nephew, had both been wearing life-jackets, when the jet-ski took water and capsized.The child was treated for hypothermia and for shock.For safety and to assist in the re-warming efforts an NSRI rescue helmet and an emergency blanket was placed on the child and this also assisted in calming the child.HEMS and the Netcare 911 helicopter were stood down.The jet-ski was semi-submerged from water intake and we towed the jet-ski to Ifafi where the jet-ski was recovered.The child had by that stage recovered and no further assistance was required.MAIDENS COVE:A search for swimmers appearing to be in difficulty suspected to be a false alarm with good intentions.Luke van Riet, NSRI Bakoven station commander, said:At 11h41, Saturday, 10 October, NSRI Bakoven duty crew were activated following eye-witness reports of 2 swimmers appearing to be swept out to sea off-shore of Maidens Cove, between Clifton and Camps Bay.Concerned eye-witnesses saw what appeared to be 2 swimmers being swept further out to sea appearing to have a yellow and an orange floating object with them.The NSRI Table Bay sea rescue craft Spirit of Day was launched while NSRI Bakoven and NSRI Table Bay shore crew searched along the shoreline.A preliminary search in strong winds and rough seas revealed no sign of swimmers in difficulty and Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services, and their Fire dive unit, and Law Enforcement officers were activated and they joined in the search.The EMS/AMS Skymed rescue helicopter, a WSAR (Wilderness Search and Rescue) team were activated and the NSRI Hout Bay sea rescue craft Nadine Gordimer and Albie Matthews were launched to join in the search.An NSRI coastwatcher, a member of the Cape Town Boating Network, scanned the shoreline using high powered binoculars from a vantage height along the coast.Local media were requested to alert the public in an effort to determine if any public members could identify swimmers that may have intended to swim off-shore of Maidens Cover, Camps Bay or Clifton.Despite an extensive sea and shoreline search only a group of at least 5 party balloons were located and recovered floating on the water and it is strongly suspected, in the strong winds that were causing white crests in the surf, that this is what the eye-witnesses may have observed.With no persons reported to be missing or overdue a search was suspended and with no further reports related to this incident during the night it is believed that this was a false alarm with good intentions and the eye-witnesses are commended for raising the alarm as a precaution.NSRI commend all involved in this operation for the swift reaction and for the thorough search.NSRI are appealing to coastal residents not to let loose party balloons in strong winds along the coastline.Similar to Sky Lanterns, that when set off give the mistaken impression of red distress flares, party balloons floating loose on the ocean may give the mistaken impression of swimmers in distress.ST FRANCIS BAY:A man was assisted after his jet-ski capsized off-shore of Grannies Pool and a patient has been evacuated to hospital from a Chokka fishing boatNeil Jones, NSRI St Francis Bay duty coxswain, said:.At 14h19, Saturday, 10 October, NSRI St Francis Bay duty crew were activated following reports of a man on a jet-ski in difficulty off-shore of Grannies Pool, St Francis Bay.The sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II was launched and NSRI shore crew responded to the scene by road.An off-duty NSRI Plettenberg Bay rescue swimmer, who happened to be on the scene at the time, had raised the alarm after witnessing the jet-skier in difficulty in the surf line.The NSRI Plettenberg Bay rescue swimmer suited up into a wet-suit and grabbed the NSRI pink rescue buoy that is stationed at Grannies Pool.The NSRI Plettenberg Bay rescue swimmer reached the 29 year old male casualty, from Kriel, Mpumalanga, assisting the man in the surf but the jet-ski had filled with water and was not immediately able to be brought to shore.The NSRI St Francis Bay sea rescue craft arrived on the scene and in a joint effort between NSRI rescue swimmers from our sea rescue craft and the NSRI shore crew we were able to right and recover the jet-ski and once recovered onto her trailer no further assistance was required.The quick reaction of the NSRI Plettenberg Bay rescue swimmer and the swift response of the NSRI St Francis Bay duty crew is commended.This operation has again highlighted the strategic importance of the NSRI pink rescue buoy project along the South African coastline and inland at rivers and dams.NSRI commend the public who regularly check on the NSRI pink rescue buoys that are stationed at strategic points around our coastline and inland at rivers and dams.This brings to 60 the number of persons assisted with the use of an NSRI pink rescue buoy since their introduction in November 2017.Over 750 NSRI pink rescue buoys have been installed around South Africa.On Sunday, 11 October, at 06h38, NSRI St Francis Bay duty crew were activated following a request for medical assistance received from a Chokka fishing boat off-shore of the St Francis ay lighthouse.The sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II was launched while a Private Care ambulance services ambulance was dispatched to stand by at our sea rescue station.On arrival on the scene a fisherman suffering a medical complaint was transferred onto our sea rescue craft and in the care of NSRI medics we brought the man to our sea rescue station.The patient has been transported to hospital by Private Care ambulance in a stable condition for further medical care.NSRI Emergency Operations Centre, Telkom Maritime Radio Services, WC Government Health EMS, Private Care ambulance services duty controllers, NSRI St Francis Bay duty controllers, Transnet National Ports Authority and Port Health Authorities assisted Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in communications, coordination and logistics during the operation.The operation completed at 07h53.
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