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Dr Cleeve Robertson

"To continue delivering a world-class rescue service in South Africa, the NSRI invests in modern, high-tech rescue craft that will save even more lives on South African waters. You can be part of this dream,” said Dr Cleeve Robertson, NSRI CEO.

What is Celebrate a Life?

The NSRI is building the next generation of rescue craft, constructed entirely in South Africa, to save lives on South African waters. The innovative French-designed Offshore Rescue Craft (ORC) will accommodate six volunteer rescuers in shock-mitigating seats, allowing for high-speed operation in difficult sea conditions. It can carry up to 23 survivors. Each vessel costs an estimated R22 million.

For a donation of R1 000 you can add the name of a loved one to this rescue craft and give a unique and thoughtful gift. Celebrate a Life. Save a Life.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, a special thank you, or you wish to remember someone who is no longer with you – surprise and honour them with a gift that supports a worthy cause and helps save lives.

How does it work?

The names will be inscribed in the letters and numbers on the side of the rescue craft. Each time our volunteer crew launches to save lives, their names will be right by their side.

The more names you add, the more you'll save!

  • Add 1 name to the boat for a donation of R1 000.
  • Add 2 names to the boat at a reduced donation of R900/name - that’s a 10% saving
  • Add 3+ names to the boat at a reduced donation of R800/name - that’s a 20% saving

Book your name on the boat. It’s quick and easy.

Complete the full name of your loved one/s in the space below (no company names please).

What do you get?

  • Your special person’s name on this boat.
  • A personalised digital certificate to print and display.
  • An invitation to the boat blessing to see your loved one's name on the rescue craft.
  • Knowing that you and your loved one are part of a worthy cause and that you are helping to save lives.
  • A thank you letter from the NSRI and SARS 18A tax certificate to claim a tax deduction.

Join others who are celebrating lives:

Steve Wilke

Steve Wilke

To say that Steve loved the ocean is such an understatement. I still see him playing in the waves with or without a boogie board. As long as he was in the ocean, he was happy. During one of our holidays in KZN, he saw a lady in trouble in the sea and rescued her. Her loved ones who were sitting on the beach were unaware that she was struggling. When I saw the NSRI advert about leaving a legacy, I didn’t think twice. This is such a wonderful way to honour our loved ones and at the same time contribute to a worthy cause. “Out of all the places to be, it’s best to be at the sea”. – By wife Annamarie & son Lloyd.

Henry Van Embden

Henry Van Embden

“The NSRI rescued my family in 1967 off the coast of Three Anchor Bay when our leisure craft caught alight at sea. It was their first boat, I recall vividly, a rubber duck! Ever since then we have supported the NSRI.” Marco van Embden, Cape Town The above photo is of the late Henry Van Embden, facing the camera, with an expression of such relief on his face. His son, Marco, facing him. This pic was taken after their NSRI Rescue - quote by his son Marco van Embden

Betty Dickson

Betty Dickson

“Our Mom loved swimming, the sea and was a great fan and supporter of the NSRI. Consequently, when we heard about the NSRI Launch A Launch campaign, we thought it would be something she would have loved, and we love the idea of her continuing to be involved with saving lives, the NSRI and the sea.” Clive, Heather, Keith, Lynn & Stacey Our Mom is bottom row, far left. - quote by her children Clive, Heather, Lynn & Keith

Mike Drake

Mike Drake

“My husband, Mike Drake, loved the sea and was a passionate yachtsman. The NSRI assisted him in 2005 when he had a heart attack while bidding farewell to the ‘Clippers’. When I saw the Launch a Legacy campaign I thought this was the perfect way to honour him.” - quote by wife Di Drake – KZN

Riaan Van Der Walt

“Best donation in the world! You won’t believe what this project means to me. Thank you so, so much. This is the best gift that I could give my son, Riaan, who would have turned 30 on the 20th of November 2021, if he didn’t drown in 2014, but now I also know that he will be part of every rescue operation RESCUE 17 does and this is AWESOME!! What a Legacy!” – Naomie van der Walt

Philip Schutte

“Philip was a kindhearted man, always ready to serve. When the opportunity arose to make a donation to the NSRI and celebrate my dear husband's life, I knew it would be the ideal way to invest in the legacy he left behind: being blessed to be a blessing.” – quote by wife, Louise Schutte

New Vessel. New Capabilities

The new ORC is a high-tech search and rescue craft that is self-righting and purpose-built for rescue operations in extreme conditions. At 14.8m long and 4.8m wide, it can be deployed on rescue missions as far as 50 nautical miles from land and has an expected lifespan of at least 40 years. By manufacturing these vessels in South Africa, the NSRI invests in the country’s boat-building industry, boosting local employment.