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RICHARDS BAY:Jacques Kruger, NSRI Richards Bay duty coxswain, said:On Saturday, 5 September, while conducting routine training in Richards Bay, NSRI Richards Bay duty crew responded aboard the sea rescue craft Grindrod Rescuer to the Pump Station area in the Port of Richards Bay where a local lady, Adelene Singh, had reported a female teenager in the process of being rescued from the water by her husband and by her brother and they were being assisted by an unidentified bystander.MedCare 24 EMS ambulance services were activated.The female teenager had been observed by the locals to be in difficulty while she was swimming in the water.The casualty teenagers younger sister was in the water attempting to help her.Adelene raised the alarm while her husband, Charlie, 43, and her brother Nicholas Moodley, 32, and an unidentified male bystander, entered the water and they managed to rescue the girl to the shore.They also assisted the girls sister to get to the shore.On NSRI Richards Bay and a MedCare 24 EMS ambulance arriving on the scene the casualty teenager, aged 13, was removed to higher ground where CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) efforts were commenced by paramedics and a pulse and spontaneous breathing was restored.The teenager was transported to hospital in a serious but stable condition by MedCare 24 EMS ambulance.NSRI commend Charlie Singh, Nicholas Moodley and the unidentified bystander for rescuing the teenager and we commend Adelene Singh for raising the alarm.Their swift action contributed to saving the teenagers life.The teenager remains in hospital and she is reported to be awake and recovering.NSRI are concerned that an NSRI pink rescue buoy that is supposed to reside on its pole at the location where this drowning in progress incident occurred is missing from its pole and in this case the pink rescue buoy may have been used during the bystander rescue.NSRI appeal to the public to only remove an NSRI pink rescue buoy from its pole in a life threatening emergency and we appeal to anyone who knows the whereabouts of the missing pink rescue buoy, at the Pump Station in Richards Bay, to contact NSRI, or, anyone who has a pink rescue buoy can return the rescue buoy to any Police station, to the NSRI or to any surf shop.Anyone who knows the whereabout of a pink rescue buoy that is not on its pole, as intended to be on stand-by for life threatening emergencies, can contact NSRI EOC (Emergency Operations Centre) on 0870949774.
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