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Off duty lifeguard rescues a teenager from drowning - DAPPAT SE GAT. Fishing boat capsizes, all 3 crew safe - SOETWATER. Skipper of a fishing passes away - STRUISBAAI. Fishing boat assisted - SOUTHERN CAPE. Ski-boat assisted - DASSEN ISLAND. RIB assisted - HERMANUS. Fishing boat sinks, all 4 crew accounted for and safely rescued - RICHARDS BAY:CAVES, KOEGEL BAY:At 15h12, Friday, 14th December, NSRI Gordon's Bay were activated to reports of a drowning in progress at Caves, Dappat de Gat, (near to Koegel Bay).The City of Cape Town Water Rescue Network (NSRI, CoCT Fire and Rescue Services Dive Unit, WC Government Health EMS rescue squad, CoCT Pro Lifesaving, CoCT Law Enforcement Marine Unit, Cape Town Surf Lifesaving clubs, SA Police Services Dive Unit, Private and Volunteer ambulance services) were alerted.The AMS/EMS Skymed rescue helicopter was placed on alert.Koegel Bay CoCT Pro Lifesaving lifeguards confirmed that they were on the scene and a 17 year old male had been rescued from the water by an off duty Big Bay Blouberg Surf Lifesaving lifeguard and only medical assistance and ambulance were required.GB Med ambulance services and EMS ambulance responded and a 17 year old male, from Somerset West, suffering non-fatal drowning symptoms, was transported to hospital in a serious but stable condition and he is recovering.It has been confirmed that off-duty Big Bay Blouberg Surf Lifesaving lifeguard Djebbe Hiscock, 17, who is recovering from a recent kite-boarding accident, was at Caves, Dappat se Gat, with his girlfriend and her sister, Lauren and Julia Robb, both 17, both are Strand Surf Lifesaving lifeguards, they were out for the day tanning and swimming, when they noticed 2 male teenagers in difficulty in heavy surf conditions.One of the teenagers had managed to get back closer to shore and seemed to be okay and standing in chest deep water and he was able to exit the surf unassisted, but the second male was caught in rip currents and Djebbe grabbed the NSRI Pink Rescue Buoy that is stationed at that beach and he swam out and reached the 17 year old teenager who was barely conscious and Djebbe was able to swim him safely to shore using the pink rescue buoy.Djebbe admits that it was touch and go, when he reached the teenager, who was barely conscious, he treated the situation as if the casualty was an unconscious victim, (what lifeguards train for constantly), the casualty teenager was too weak to hold onto the rescue buoy and Djebbe hooked his arm under his shoulders and across his chest using the rescue buoy for floatation, admitting that the pink rescue buoy contributed extensively to saving the day, and in the big surf conditions and a confused sea state it took all his training and all his effort to get the casualty teenager safely to shore.On reaching the shoreline Djebbe got the teenager out the water and placed him in the recovery position. The casualty teenager started to cough up and vomit water and at that stage Djebbe was confident that the teenager would survive.By chance Koegel Bay CoCT Pro Lifesaving lifeguards were patrolling along the coast at the time and approaching Dappat se Gat and when Djebbe got the teenager to shore they had arrived on the scene and they assisted Djebbe treat the casualty teenager with medical treatment and medical oxygen was administered until GB Med ambulance and EMS ambulance arrived and GB Med ambulance transported the teenager to hospital.The teenagers family have expressed extreme gratitude to Djebbe for his actions in saving the life of their son and the CoCT Water Rescue Network have commended Djebbe for his actions.SOETWATER:Ian Klopper, NSRI Kommetjie station commander, said:At 07h37, Saturday, 15th December, NSRI Kommetjie duty crew, CMR (Cape Medical Response) and Law Enforcement Marine Unit officers responded to the Crayfish Factory at Soetwater following reports of a boat capsized.NSRI Kommetjie launched the sea rescue craft Spirit of the Vines.The City of Cape Town Water Rescue Network (NSRI, CoCT Fire and Rescue Services Dive Unit, WC Government Health EMS rescue squad, CoCT Pro Lifesaving, CoCT Law Enforcement Marine Unit, Cape Town Surf Lifesaving clubs, SA Police Services Dive Unit, Private and Volunteer ambulance services) were placed on alert.NSRI Hout Bay were placed on alert.On arrival on the scene it was found that a Crayfish Bakkie (small open fishing boat) had capsized and all 3 fishermen onboard had managed to get to shore safely and they were not injured.Their boat washed ashore on rocks and NSRI crew carried the boat off the rocks to the slipway.Their outboard motor was lost when their boat capsized.STRUISBAAI:Reinard Geldenhuys, NSRI Agulhas station commander, said:At 09h00, Saturday, 15th December, NSRI Agulhas duty crew were activated following reports of a fishing boat approaching Struisbaai harbour reporting their skipper onboard to be deceased and suspected to have died from natural causes during the night.NSRI Agulhas, the SA Police Services and WC Government Health EMS met the boat on her arrival in the harbour.The man was confirmed to be deceased and the body of the man has been taken into the care of the Forensic Pathology Services.Police are investigating and Condolences are conveyed to family and colleagues.SOUTHERN CAPE:Martin Fourie, NSRI Witsand station commander, said:At 17h56, Saturday, 15th December, NSRI Witsand duty crew were activated to reports from NSRI Still Bay of the 7.5 meter commercial fishing boat Lika with 9 crew onboard adrift with motor mechanical failure at fishing grounds South South East of Cape Barracuda.The sea rescue craft Breede Rescuer was launched from NSRI Witsand and we rendezvoused with Lika at approximately 20h00, about 22nm off shore.A tow line was rigged and we started the tow. The decision was made to do the tow back to Witsand.Their casualty boat trailer was brought from Still Bay to Witsand.Without incident we arrived at the bar crossing at Breede River mouth just before 23h00 where we proceeded safely through the bar crossing.NSRI shore and sea crew assisted in getting the casualty boat onto their trailer.After the fishermen were treated to a warm cup of soup they headed back to Still Bay by road.The operation was completed at 23h57.DASSEN ISLAND:Willem Lubbe, NSRI Yzerfontein station commander, said:At 12h50, Saturday, 15th December, NSRI Yzerfontein duty crew, on routine training exercises, responded aboard the sea rescue craft Rotary Onwards to assist a ski boat suffering electrical motor failure, with 3 crew onboard off-shore of Dassen Island.On arrival on the scene 2 of the ski boat crew were transferred onto the sea rescue craft and NSRI crewman transferred onto the ski-boat and without incident the ski-boat was towed to Yzerfontein and recovered and no further assistance was required.HERMANUS:Deon Langenhoven, NSRI Hermanus station commander, said:At 10h49, Saturday, 15th December, NSRI Hermanus duty crew were activated to assist a ski-boat with 6 crew onboard towing a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), with motor mechanical failure, with 5 crew onboard, 600 meters off-shore of Vermont.They were instructed to head further out to sea and NSRI Hermanus launched the sea rescue craft South Star and on arrival on the scene they were approaching Hermanus harbour and the RIB motor had been re-started and they came into the harbour safe and without incident.RICHARDS BAY:[video width='640' height='352' mp4=''][/video]Manie Le Roux, NSRI Richards Bay deputy station commander, said:At 21h45, Saturday, NSRI Richards Bay duty crew were activated following reports from MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) following a Mayday distress call to Telkom Maritime Radio Services of what was suspected to be a yacht taking water and sinking in the shipping lanes off-shore of Richards Bay with 4 crew abandoning ship into a life-raft, 8.5 nautical miles off-shore of Amatikulu Bluff.The sea rescue craft Spirit of Round Table II was launched, while responding to the scene Telkom Maritime Radio Services confirmed that it was the fishing vessel C-Link and not a yacht in distress, and on arrival on the scene the casualty crew, in a life-raft, shot off red distress flares and they were located by NSRI and it was confirmed to be a fishing vessel taking water and semi submerged and all 4 male crew had abandoned ship and were safe in a life-raft and they were rescued onto the sea rescue craft.The sea rescue craft Spirit of Richards Bay was launched and on arrival on the scene efforts to tow the semi-submerged fishing vessel out of the shipping lanes was investigated but sadly the fishing vessel sunk.The life raft was recovered onto Spirit of Richards Bay and the 4 casualty crew remained on Spirit of Round Table II.They were brought to the NSRI Richards Bay base and required no further assistance.The operation was completed in the early hours of Sunday morning.TO REPORT A SEA RESCUE EMERGENCY DIAL 112 FROM A CELLPHONE
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