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'Congratulations! I am delighted to tell you that the NSRI’s Pink Rescue Buoys have been shortlisted by the panel of judges as a finalist for the Innovation and Technology in Maritime Search and Rescue Award. We would like to invite you to join us on Thursday 8 November 2018 for the IMRF Awards dinner, where the winners of this year’s Awards will be announced. The dinner will be held at The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, in Horten, Norway. The IMRF will pay your travel expenses and will provide overnight accommodation in Horten.' Theresa Crossley, Chief Executive Officer, IMRF
The International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) Awards aim to recognise some of the exceptional individuals and organisations around the world that make maritime search and rescue possible.The IMRF Awards (formerly known as the H.E.R.O. Awards) are now in their third year and have proved a great success, raising awareness of the excellent work done by those involved in the maritime search and rescue community, including highlighting innovative new sea and rescue products and technologies. There are four categories one can make a nomination in:
  • for outstanding individual contribution to a maritime SAR operation
  • for outstanding team contribution to a maritime SAR operation
  • for innovation and technology in maritime search and rescue
  • for outstanding contribution to maritime search and rescue ‘The Vladimir Maksimov Award'
In their media statement IMRF said: The Innovation and Technology category attracted some great nominations. The two selected by the judges are RescueNET (a new and unique secure web-based safety service from Inmarsat, which is provided free to Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres worldwide to reduce response time and improve SAR communications) and the Pink Rescue Buoy (an emergency flotation device which can be thrown to someone in danger of drowning, before the lifeguard or emergency services arrive), developed by the National Sea Rescue Institute in South Africa.' Read More: CEO, Dr Cleeve Robertson says: “It’s often the simple things that save lives, in this case the simple act of placing a Pink Rescue Buoy in proximity to a water risk”Read about the NSRI Pink Rescue Buoys here.Watch this very moving personal account of a father and son who saved a life, and used a PINK RESCUE BUOY Pic: Dr Berend Maarsingh, NSRI Knysna
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