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We were overwhelmed by the response to our reader survey in the recent Sea Rescue magazine. Thank you to each of our readers who took a few minutes to respond. Your feedback helps us to adjust and improve. We have shared all the comments below.We ran a little lucky draw and Michaela Bond has called the winners and sent their hoodies. The winners are: Howard Hatchwell (Port Edward), Mr Reed (Fish Hoek), Mrs Clark (George), Dawn Morrison (Cullinan), Mr Hosking (Rondebosch), Denika Kriel (Kempton Park), Mrs Fitzgerald (Fish Hoek), Muriel Darke (Marina da Gama), Pierre Loubser (Helderberg) and Alan McNamara (Kempton Gate)
keep up the fab work to all other volunteers
The NSRI magazine keeps one in touch with what the NSRI is doing
Thanks for always being there
Keep up the excellent work!
Good job everybody. I really look forward to every issue, and can't help myself reading the online version already before the physical one comes in the post. When it arrives, I read it all again! I like to go over old magazines from time to time and relive rescues I was involved in, or just reread rescue stories so I can be reminded why I am in NSRI and what we stand for and what we do.
Station 4 rocks
Keep up the good work
Thank you for your invaluable service.
A trusted organisation that I am proud to be associated with.
I wish the magazine could be downloaded as a pdf
Thanks for an excellent service.
I stand in awe of what you guys achieve.Keep up the great work!!
You do a fantastic job
Keep up the good work!!
Keep up the sterling work!
Thank you for the wonderful work you do!
Keep up the good work!!!
Fantastic organisation and great magazine. Love reading it.
Together we all make a difference :-)
love the work the team does, well done!
You guys are doing a great job! Thanks
Although we have not been able to get to the sea as often as we would like, I have been aware of the NSRI since 1965 when playing for Sea Point Hockey Club where several club members were active members of the NSRI organization. Keep up your magnificent work. You are a great example of the Best of South Africa.
Continue doing what you are doing!
Keep up the fanstastic work you do
Thank you for all the efforts and passion of your rescue personnel!
I enjoy the feel and the colour and the fact that I can read the magazine outside on sunny day - it adds to the pleasure of a coffee break as well- I admire the ''gees'' and the joy with which the volunteers approach the very hectic job they do. The team spirit is incredible and real kudos to the team leaders. I love you people = love reading the background, hearing about the rescues on the news and I thank you all for being there. My family were surfers and it was so reassuring to know that you were there - just in case. I have also watched a very young boy grow into an extremely proud NSRI volunteer. Thank you -May you go from strength to strength.
Well done to all the NSRI personal, you all deserve a place in heaven.
Re-appoint Kim Gresse to cover the Garden Route NSRI member functions. She was a honey and a great host!
keep up the good work
Thank you for the good work.
An excellent organisation. Well done! We support financially when we can. I think your paper mag is very good but not sure how many people read it and so, think an e-version would be sufficient for most people.
Very well written pieces. More info on environmental issues a la National Geographic; more action photos a la Red Bulletin and a culture section - relevant book / film reviews and stories would be great!
Question 5 I live at the sea (not a holiday house)
No 5 - I ticked tent but don't have this - but it had to be filled in! Perhaps you should add 'None of the above'?
I enjoy the Car Draw competition each year, and am happy to help the NSRI in a small way through taking some tickets in the Car Draw
Thank you for such a wonderful service and heartfelt thanks to the volunteers.
Keep up the brave work!
A great organisation led by an extraordinary leadership team with extraordinary people.Your work is greatly appreciated
Thanks for being professional and I'm very proud to be part of the life saving cause!! NRSI Agulhas/Struisbaai is doing a wonderful job!!
Please Remove my name from the mailing list. I will subscribe online. Txs
My surname in your database is incorrectly captured.
Keep up the good work in saving lives. For the 'WIN 2 Cars / Mitsubishi Draw', I suggest that a vehicle is awarded to the 1st and 2nd winners (not 2 vehicles to one winner). The ticket price for this draw is also getting very steep.
Too much mail, my husband and I are coast watchers Station 9. We both receive copies of the magazine which is unnecessary. I would also like to cancel the subscription for my father. Many thanks
I wouldn't change a thing. Please keep up the awesome work. Maybe you could with the permission of your sea rescue survivors put me in contact with them. I can help them make sure they are ready for the unforseen misshaps of life. Once they are they have access to counselling and more.
Sea Rescue does wonderful work!
I will read the magazine online and save printing & postage costs
Well done to the entire organisation for the work that you do and the awareness you are creating.
You guys are totally awesome!
Reader surveys are great, but they must be done properly. As a statistician, I would like to offer the following comments: (1) The questions - here or in the print version - do not make it clear to the respondent whether one, or multiple, answers are possible. There will thus be under-reporting for the multiple response questions. (2) Q4 asks for 'a favourite' but allows multiple responses; Q7 refers to a 'ticked box above' which does not exist' (3) There does not seem to be much awareness about the survey. The response rate will thus be low (about 10-20%) which means the results will not be generalisable to all your readers, and you may draw incorrect conclusions from the results. If you would like assistance (free, of course) with the analysis of the results of this survey, or the design of future surveys, please contact me.
you guys and gals are doing a amazing service. I cant imagine there not being NSRI in SA
The writing is quite small.We like to put our magazine on a table where clients can also read it. It is also extra exposure to NSRI.Many thanks
Wonderful work that you are doing.Please check that you have my new email address, as below, on file
I love the ocean hence I support the excellent work that all the team does at HO and at each base. I appreciate the self sacrifice that goes in to 'giving back'. That is why i am a proud 'Shore Crew Member'
I'm honoured to be able to support such a worth cause.
The NSRI does an amazing job - my wish is that our donations could be more!!!! Hats off to everyone at NSRI.
I'm so impressed at what you guys manage to do with the limited resources you have
Keep up the GREAT work you do,
Thank you
Your magazine is read and enjoyed by our extended family.
I find the fine print in the magazine difficult to read at night even with bright lights.
When will NSRI and MSC Cruises have cruise specials as done a few years ago!
Thank you
The magazine is an insightful journal into the lives/rescues of your volunteer group and I value this as a type of report back system for the donations I contribute to your essential service. Keep up the hard work.
having spent many, many years working on a computer having a hard copy magazine to sit comfortably and read is an absolute joy. However, I prefer correspondence such as this survey to be online
keep up the good work ! Have you ever applied to LOTTO for funding?
I just find it difficult to read small white letters on coloured backgrounds.
I would buy a jacket ☺️ You guys really are amazing volunteers keep it up hope to join
Your commitment to sea rescue is amazing, I love following all your efforts on social media
Excellent television advertisement which highlights & supports the continued excellent work performed by the NSRI
As a long-time platinum shore crew member, I would like priority when it comes to the various draws - especially the big one at year-end and the Mitsubishis!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for always putting in a tremendous amount of effort and dedication into everything you do and for being willing to help others when they feel helpless. Much love to all the crew.
I would prefer to read the magazine online.
YOU ROCK!Without you this world would be a sorrier place.
I love amateur radio
I think that your magazine is terrific. However question 5 requires an answer-WHY? I do not have any of these unless two folding chairs qualifies me to own Camping equipment.I think that you should have provided a block for 'None of the above'-not all your readers/supporters own cottages, 4x4's etc.
Thank you - what your company stands for and practices - so many of us can learn from. Beautiful hearts all around.
Well done, the magazine is a great and uplifting read.
Continue the good work you're doing!
Please send me post via email, and not via the traditional snail mail.
Brilliant organisation and you do fine work.I have nearly 30 years at sea and have offered more than once to help - to no avail. I can teach Nav, Radio, Radar, S&R, boat handling, life saving and much more but no one seems to need any help here in Agulhas.I have qualified to drive VSP, Hamilton Jet, Inboard and Outboard, Kitchener Gear and Sail. I am offering skills and training expertise if you want it...
Keep up the great workQuestion 5 should have a “none of the above” option. We live near the sea and my daughter is a volunteer at station 20.
I have great respect for all volunteers at the NSRI and even though I no longer live in Knysna stillenjoy reading all about the NSRI
Thank u
Baie dankie vir die kosbare werk wat julle doen! God bless!
Keep up the amazing work!
Item 5 ... we do not have any of the points mentioned, but live at the sea in Hermanus - not a holiday home but residential only.Keep up the good work folks ... lives depend on you!
Keep up the magnificent work & excellent magazineI prefer the magazine posted but have no problem with the rest being emailed
the NSRI does great work. please keep going
Thank you for the wonderful work that you do. With time, I'll do more.
NSRI does amazing work and I am honored to be able to support as a donor - anonymous and via competitions. I have seen rescues unfolding and would just like to say 'Keep up the good work'!!
Love the work you do and would be happy for you to spend your marketing and promotions budget directly on the NSRI rather than on me. The gifts are well thought out, but not necessary.
Thanks for all the work you do.
Well done NSRI!
Keep up the good work!
I usually read the magazine in bed, so online would not really suit me!
Keep up the good work. You need to draw more persons of color into the operations across the Organisation.
You guys do a great job which is often taken for granted.
I love and have so much respect for the NSRI and it's workers and volenteers. I work for NGO and understand how tough it can be, but I donate once a month via a debit order to the NSRI with all the love in the world. Keep up the amazing work that you do.
Please send by email, especially if it saves funds for rescues and other essential expenses.
The work you do is of paramount importance yet so under appreciated and valued
Well done on everything you do
I find the spread of articles very interesting, especially the ones about prevention - e.g. rip tides/drowning. My husband is a retired MN Captain and so articles about your boats is also of interest. When finished the magazine gets passed on so others can read about the fantastic service you provide.
Thank you to the NSRI for all their hard work and looking after all that uses the water from inland to sea!!
I am proud to be a part of the NSRI!!!
Thank you for the great work you are doing!
Well done guys/ girls in every thing you'll do to keep our people and water safe...God bless :)))) 😙
Having been a marketer raising funds for NSRI for eleven years, now retired, I have a passion for sea rescue and am in awe of the work done by your volunteers. Also a former surfer my love for the sea is a lifelong
Keep up the good work!
Brilliant magazine. Would love more rescue accounts though! I read it from cover to cover, and often re-read the rescue accounts.My magazine sometimes arrives very late... I only received it 9 May 2018... I was about to contact the office when it finally arrived, I was so relieved!Already looking forward to the next issue!
Please save money and contact me only by email. Thanks and good work.
Love the magazine
Love being a volunteer for the NSRI, getting to make a difference in people’s lives and making friendships for life are just some of the things I love.
The NSRI provide a wonderful service. My congratulations to all those volunteers and contributors.
I am proud to be involved in NSRI even if it is only as a donor
You are doing excellent work
Great organisation. Great magazine but save costs and email it to me.
Although I like the magazine, will NSRI save money by going the digital route (but I realise some people will still want a magazine)? And the plastic cover around the magazine is essential but also hazardous to the environment. I am happy to receive the digital version for this reason. I know you still need designers and coders for the digital version, just less printed copies and less plastic.
Thank you.
Keep Up the Fantastic Good and Hard Work you are Doing.
Keep up the brilliant work!
That’s what we do!
Keep up the good work, it’s been noted that we are more visible
Glad to be part of this great organization
Keep up the good work
Great organisation, was proud to be part of it at two stations
Love NSRI I cannot thank them enough for all the opportunities they have given me ,from saving lives to firefighting I am proud to say I am part of the NSRI
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