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STILBAAI:At 23h50, Saturday, 14th January, NSRI Stilbaai duty crew and NSRI medics were activated following reports of a motor vehicle accident in Stilbaai.On arrival on the scene a motor vehicle was found on its side with two men, believed to be aged in their 50's and 60's, trapped inside the vehicle which had collided with a street lamp pole. The SA Police Services and WC Government Health EMS were activated and EMS dispatched an ambulance and a technical rescue squad.NSRI medics gained access to the vehicle and were able to stabilise one of the men who was suffering a back injury. The second man appeared to not be injured.The EMS rescue squad, using the mechanical jaws of life and spreaders, freed the men from their entrapment and the injured man was secured with Cervical Spinal Immobilisation equipment and the second man was not injured. The injured man was transported to hospital in a stable condition by EMS ambulance.HOUT BAY:Off-duty NSRI Kommetjie deputy station commander, Dave Smith, at the helm skippering an Animal Ocean Seal Snorkeling charter boat off-shore of Hout Bay, at 12h00, Sunday, 15th January, requested the assistance of NSRI Hout Bay after one of the passengers on his boat, a woman, believed to be aged in her late 20's, from France, suffered a dizzy spell.NSRI Hout Bay sea rescue craft and NSRI Kommetjie sea rescue craft, both on the water at the time and in the vicinity, conducting routine training operations, diverted to assist.Dave administered medical treatment to the passenger and he informed the responding sea rescue craft that he was heading towards Hout Bay harbour. Sea rescue craft rendezvoused with Dave in the harbour and medical treatment was continued by NSRI paramedics and Community Medics and a Hout Bay volunteer EMS ambulance responded. The woman, following medical care at the boat in the harbour, was declared fit and no further assistance was required.KOMMETJIE:At 11h00, Sunday, 15th January, an elderly local gentleman, a regular visitor to the Kommetjie slip-way and an enthusiastic crayfisherman was saved from drowning by a remarkable coincidence.NSRI Kommetjie station commander Ian Klopper takes up the story....'At around 11a.m. today, a local man who we believe to be aged in his 80's, and a man who we regularly see down at the Kommetjie slip-way, who often launches on boats with his family to go crayfishing, was standing in knee deep water at the slip-way. It was a particularly busy day at our slip-way and multiple boats were coming and going in and out of the slip-way and some of our NSRI crew were in the vicinity of the slip-way preparing for our regular routine operational exercises.'We suspect that at the time the gentleman was either waiting for a boat to return or for a boat to be launched.'At one point a boat trailer, being reversed down the slip way, accidentally knocked over this gentleman. It appears that the man driving the vehicle did not see the man standing in the water. The trailer collided with the man and knocking him over the man landed face down in the water.'He was wearing waders that filled with water when he fell over and the weight of the water filled waders, and the slippery kelp and muddy water, caused the man to be trapped under water and he was unable to lift his head out of the water.'One of our NSRI Kommetjie crew, Daniel Jegels, out of the corner of his eye noticed the incident happen. Daniel immediately leapt into action, ran over and lifted the man's head up so that he could take a breath of air and then Daniel gently lifted the man up onto his feet and helped him out of the water.'The incident lasted for only a few seconds but we are certain that if NSRI crew had not been in the vicinity at the time, and that if Daniel had not noticed the incident happening in that moment, and if Daniel had not reacted as quickly as he had, the man may certainly have drowned in only knee deep water.'Other NSRI crew members who were further away noticed Daniel leaping into action to go to the man's aid and they ran down the slip way and helped Daniel to escort the man up the slip-way to deliver him safely to his family and after making sure that the man required no further assistance.'From eye-witness accounts of the incident Daniel is commended for saving the man's life today.' IMG_5851 Daniel Jegels with his family at a recent eventTO REPORT A SEA RESCUE EMERGENCY DIAL 112 FROM A CELLPHONE
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