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File image File imageHERMANUS:Deon Langenhoven, NSRI Hermanus station commander, said: At 17h46, Tuesday, 20th December, NSRI Hermanus responded to Onrus Beach following reports that 2 lifeguards had launched into the water to assist two surfers. The sea rescue craft Jaytee II was launched.The two surfers had reportedly been stuck in a rip current for some time and two Sand en See lifeguards had swum out to assist them. According to reports, the two surfers then managed to catch a wave and the two lifeguards got caught in the same rip current. NSRI Hermanus responded to assist them but prior to our arriving on the scene the two lifeguards had escaped the rip and were swimming back to the shore and no further assistance was required.MYKONOS:Casper Frylinck, NSRI Myconos station commander, said: 17h53, Tuesday, 20th December, NSRI Mykonos launched the sea rescue craft Spirit of Freemasonry to assist the yacht Caribbean Soul, with three men onboard, reporting motor mechanical failure 1 nautical mile off-shore of Mykonos. Without incident we towed the yacht back to her mooring at the Marina and no further assistance was required.PORT EDWARD:Alan Stilwell, NSRI Port Edward duty controller, said: At 13h15, Wednesday, 21st December, NSRI Port Edward duty crew were activated following a request for assistance from the mom of a skipper, on the boat Striker, reporting one motor mechanical failure, with four crew onboard, two men and two women (from Hartbeespoort Dam and East London), South of Wild Coast Casino and requiring assistance.We launched our sea rescue craft Wild Coast Sun Rescuer and on arrival on the scene we took three crew off the casiualty craft and took them back to shore while Striker limped back on one on one motor to backline and on arriving at the backline we towed her safely in to shore through the breakers without incident.PORT ALFRED:Juan Pretorius, NSRI Port Alfred station commander, said: At 14h09, Wednesday, 21st December, NSRI Port Alfred duty crew responded aboard the sea rescue craft Rescue 11 Alpha following reports of a drowning in progress at West Beach.Guardmed ambulance services, Holistic ambulance services, the SA Police Services and Ndlambe environmental beach officers also responded. Our sea rescue craft arrived on the scene to find a 40 year old woman from Danfurn, Johannesburg, swept out to sea by rip currents.Two teenagers who have just finished matric at Port Alfred High School (one of them is believed to have been the Head Boy) had reached the casualty and they were assisting her to stay afloat using a body board and a rescue torpedo buoy. They were 300 meters off-shore when our Sea Rescue craft arrived on the scene.NSRI took the woman, in a serious condition and showing signs and symptoms of non-fatal drowning, aboard our Sea Rescue craft. The two teenagers confirmed that they were fine and NSRI raced the lady to the Port Alfred Marina where ambulance services took over care and she has been transported to hospital in a serious but stable condition.We then returned to collect the two teenagers, Nathan Austin and Kyle Lax, and we took them ashore and we have commended them for their rescue effort.KOMMETJIE:Ian Klopper, NSRI Kommetjie station commander, said: At 15h49, NSRI Kommetjie deputy station commander, Dave Smith, while driving home from work, happened upon a man at Capri, Kommetjie, stabbed in the neck and bleeding profusely. Dave did his best to stem the bleeding, applying direct pressure and with 2 of the mans friends Dave rushed the patient, in a critical condition, to hospital. Sadly, despite Dave’s effort, the man has reportedly since passed away in hospital.MOSSEL BAY:Andre Fraser, NSRI Mossel Bay station commander, said: NSRI Mossel Bay duty crew were activated at 17h06, Wednesday, 21st December, following the concerns of a mother reporting her son to be too far out to sea for her comfort at the Kleinbrak River Mouth.While he appeared to be swimming the concerns of the mother, enough to raise the alarm, was enough for us to activate our sea rescue craft and rescue swimmers to respond to the scene to check on the situation, but fortunately, before we arrived on the scene the mom phoned us back to say that her son had come ashore and confirmed that he had just been swimming and thankfully our assistance was no longer required.NSRI SAFETY:NSRI are urging boaters and paddlers to download our free 'app' Safetrx.Found via the NSRI web page. RSA Safetrx App is a free cellphone app that is used to help us to immediately know that you are in trouble and in need of sea rescue and gives us your exact location amongst other uses.TO REPORT A SEA RESCUE EMERGENCY DIAL 112 FROM A CELLPHONE
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