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PLETTENBERG BAY:At 08h42, Thursday, 17th December, NSRI Plettenberg Bay duty crew dispatched the sea rescue craft Airlink Rescuer and Ray Farnham following reports of a boat capsized at the Keurbooms River Mouth.On arrival on the scene a father and his 16 year old son, from Douglasdale, Johannesburg, were rescued and brought to shore and their capsized boat was righted, brought to shore and recovered and no further assistance was required.Then at 12h30 NSRI rescue swimmers and lifeguards responded directly to Keurbooms Beach and sea rescue craft were dispatched following reports of 5 people being swept out to sea in rip currents.All 5 were rescued from the water and 3 were not injured. A 42 year old man from Virginia, Freestate, and an 11 year old female from Port Elizabeth were transported to hospital by ambulance as a precautionary measure for observation for secondary drowning.Then at 15h07 NSRI dispatched sea rescue craft to Robberg Beach following a request for assistance from a mother reporting her three children being swept out to sea on body boards.Their father was able to rescue all 3 children and NSRI medics and a doctor, who happened to be on the beach at the time, treated them, including oxygen therapy, and they were released requiring no further assistance.The three boys are aged 8, 10, 12 and are from Johannesburg.KNYSNA:At 16h20, Thursday, 17th December, NSRI Knysna, WC Government Health EMS, ER24 ambulance services and Knysna Traffic Services responded to Bollard Bay, Leisure Isle, following reports of 2 children in difficulty in the water.One child had managed to get out of the water but one child was witnessed to be sinking beneath the water surface when the Featherbed Ferry Boat Companies ferry boat Old Three Legs were able to rescue the child from the water.They transferred the child onto a private high speed rubber duck, Moonraker, that had also gone to assist, and Moonraker brought the child ashore and into the care of NSRI medics and paramedics and the child was medically assessed and deemed to not be injured and no further assistance was required.All who assisted in the incident are commended for their swift actions.DURBAN:On Wednesday, 16th December at 09:30, NSRI Durban duty crew, whilst launching boats for a family day were approached by the SA Police Service Sea Borderline Patrol requesting assistance with a small vessel experiencing mechanical motor failure at 'G' shed in the harbour.The sea rescue craft Megan II was launched and at 09:42 was alongside the casualty vessel, a 4 meter single motor rubber duck, with one occupant, a 70 YO local resident.The boat was taken under tow to the public slipway at the small craft basin and no further assistance was required.Then on Thursday, 17th December, at 10:20. NSRI Durban received a call for a 4.3 meter semi rigid ski boat with mechanical motor failure off-shore of the Fairway Buoy.The sea rescue craft Megan II was launched and reached the casualty boat Vala Manzi to find 2 local men aged 38 and 41 safe onboard their boat and a tow-line was rigged and casualty boat towed into Vetchie's where once ashore no further assistance was required.JEFFREYS BAY:At 10h59, Friday, 18th December, NSRI Jeffrey's Bay received a call from the wife of a 50 year old man from Gauteng, reporting her husband to be in difficulty off-shore of Paradise Beach on a body board.She reported that her husband also has an injury to his one arm and she was concerned that he won't be able to make it back to shore.NSRI Jeffreys Bay responded their Discovery Rescue Runner and 4x4 sea rescue vehicle and NSRI Jeffreys Bay crew who stay close by responded directly to the scene. On arrival on the scene the man was spotted approximately 200 meters offshore and he was rescued onto the Discovery Rescue Runner and brought ashore safely. Once ashore he was checked by NSRI medics and not requiring any further assistance he was released into his family's care.TO REPORT A SEA RESCUE EMERGENCY DIAL 112 FROM A CELLPHONESMS 32287 (R1/SMS) with your name and a message of support for our Sea Rescue crewIMG_4761
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