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File image: Andrew Ingram File image: Andrew IngramThe twice monthly Spring Tide is here. This time Spring Tide peaks on Saturday, 21st March, with the New Moon phase.As usual, Spring Tide brings a higher than normal high tide, a lower than normal low tide and with it stronger than normal rip currents.Stronger than normal rip currents are experienced along the coast for a few days leading up to the full or the new moon, peaking on the day of the full or the new moon, and lasting for a few days after the full or the new moon, every month of the year.But, what is being termed a 'cosmic coincidence', happening through Friday 20th March, may well see rip currents being even stronger than what are normally experienced during the Spring Tide because of the Equinox (the beginning of Autumn for the Southern Hemisphere), secondly a Solar Eclipse (the effects of which will mostly be seen in the Northern Hemisphere and is an occurrence of the moon coming between the sun and the earth, casting a shadow on parts of earth - in this case mostly the Northern Hemisphere) and thirdly a Super Moon, although in this case the Super Moon is happening during the new moon phase and hence will not be physically seen from earth it is non the less occurring (A Super Moon happens only a few times each year and is termed a Super Moon because the moon approaches earth closer than normal).This Friday's 'Trio of Space Events' as it is being called, particularly the Super Moon, may have a greater than normal affect on this Spring Tide, although perhaps only marginally, and the NSRI are advising caution around our coastline.Anyone going down to the beach and anyone visiting the coastline are advised to be aware of the New Moon Spring Tide and the stronger than normal rip currents and the higher and lower than normal high and low tides, that peak on Saturday 21st March and that will last for the next 5 to 6 days. TO REPORT A SEA RESCUE EMERGENCY DIAL 112 FROM A CELLPHONESMS 32287 with your name and a message of support for our Sea Rescue crew. SMS/R1.
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