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Last weekend we rescued a Dutch tourist (click here to read the full story) and today he sent our Knysna rescue crew a touching letter of thanks...Dear Jerome,I'm leaving the hospital today and will be transported back to Amsterdam. Could you please forward my message to the guys (NSRI, Metro and police) who were involved in my evacuation out off the Drupkelders?I’ve never been in South Africa before. And up to two weeks ago I would associate South Africa with: Nelson Mandela, good food, wines, the big five, and of course beautiful nature.During our holiday we visited museums and read about Madiba’s intriguing life and South Africa’s past. We tasted great food, along with tasteful South African wine, always served with extraordinary hospitality. We saw two of the big five in the beautiful Addo Elephant Park. We visited the marvellous Table Mountain, enjoyed the stunning view from the Lions Head and experienced the spectacular Drupkelders in Knysna National Park.After kloofing upstream through the magnificent canyon and climbing up some waterfalls I got injured while jumping into the water. Bad luck it was, because the water was deep enough, there were no rocks nearby and many people have made this jump before without any problems. Luckily the guide and my girlfriend could drag me out of the water. Now what would you expect while lying injured on a rock, being in the middle of nowhere? I expected nothing, I just hoped that somebody, somehow, would be able to get me to a hospital.The guide raced down the canyon in world record time to get help and brought back the heroes of the National Sea and Rescue Institute (NSRI), Metro and the SA Police. The job to be done? Getting me safety of several slippery waterfalls varying from 1 to 4 meters, this with me strapped on their life boot. Furthermore getting me up a 45 degree angle steep hill through a dense forest. I now am aware that NSRI are volunteers. You guys not only sacrificed your free time to rescue me, but also invest your time in training, which makes you capable to perform these operations. From my stretcher I could see you sweating from the extreme work you were performing. Moreover I could see you guys slip and fall due to the terrain, but you always made sure I did not. You really put other people's life and welfare before that of your own.I want to thank all who were involved in the rescue operation for all you did to get me out of the canyon. I also want to tell you how much I appreciated your visits in the hospital. Of course I'm also very thankful to the guide, police, the ambulance and the nurses and doctors of the hospital.Despite my injury I am very glad that I visited this beautiful county's, and moreover I am happy I’ve met all these special and so very caring people. From now on I will associate South Africa with: Nelson Mandela, good food, wines, the big five, beautiful nature and the most sincerely caring people of the world.Kind regards,DennisDennis
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