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UPDATE:The body of an 84 year old Lamberts Bay fisherman who went missing on Friday following a boat capsizing accident has been located and recovered by Police in Lamberts Bay.NSRI Lamberts Bay continued to assist local Police, a Police Dive Unit and a Police Sea Borderline Unit in an ongoing search operation at the request of the Transnet National Ports Authority and this morning the body of the fisherman was located and recovered by Police, assisted by NSRI Lamberts Bay, on the beach at Lamberts Bay and the body of the deceased fisherman has been handed into the care of the Forensic Pathology Services.Sincerest Condolences have been extended to family.Police have opened an inquest docket.NSRI Lamberts Bay volunteers, local Police and Sea Borderline Police are continuing an ongoing search operation on Saturday, 06th September, for an 84 year old Lamberts Bay fisherman that went missing after the Chucky fishing boat (small open wooden fishing boat) that he and two fellow fishermen were on, at anchor, fishing, 2 nautical miles off-shore of Lamberts Bay, capsized on Friday, 05th September, at around 11h15.When the Chucky fishing boat VALENTINO capsized another local fishing boat MI’C'KUKI that reportedly witnessed VALENTINO capsize with her 3 crew onboard went to her aid.They found two fishermen, skipper Roelf Valentine, 71, and Hubert Le Roux, aged in his early 70’s, clinging to the upturned hull of the capsized VALENTINO but the third man, a local 84 year old fisherman was missing.It is believed that the missing fisherman was not wearing a life-jacket.The crew of MI’C'KUKI rescued the two fishermen bringing them both to shore where they were attended to at a local clinic and treated for mild hypothermia.It appears that only later, after learning of the capsizing and of the subsequent rescue of the two fishermen, a Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) officer immediately raised the alarm alerting NSRI Lamberts Bay and Police of the capsizing and of the missing fishermen and a search and rescue operation was launched.Local Police began an investigation and shore patrols while NSRI Lamberts Bay aboard the local fishing boat TOMZA initiated a sea search for the missing 84 year old fisherman.The local fishing boat TOMZA took NSRI Lamberts Bay rescuers to the capsized boat and NSRI rescue swimmers investigated underneath the capsized hull and searched in the vicinity for signs of the missing fishermen but no sign of the missing fishermen could be found.A Police Dive Unit and the Sea Borderline Police were activated and NSRI Mykonos towed the sea rescue craft GEMINI RESCUER II to Lamberts Bay and she was launched on-scene to join in the search.The capsized boats anchor line was cut and the capsized boat has been allowed to drift with the sea currents in an effort to detect the natural drift in an effort to aid with the ongoing search.Despite an extensive sea and shore search, involving NSRI Lamberts Bay, NSRI Mykonos, local Police, Sea Borderline Police, a Police Dive Unit and local fishermen in private fishing boats, that went into Friday night no sign of the missing 84 year old fisherman has been found and on Saturday morning NSRI Lamberts Bay are assisting Sea Borderline Police and local Police in their ongoing search operation.Police are investigating the incident in conjunction with SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority).image
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