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Jaen Smit, NSRI Oyster Bay operation controller, said:

At 07h31, Thursday, 26 October, NSRI Oyster Bay duty crew were activated following reports, initially believed to be, of a man and his dog that had been washed off rocks and were in difficulties in rip currents at Eersterivierstrand, Tsitsikamma.

The NSRI Oyster Bay rescue craft JetRIB was launched while NSRI rescue swimmers responded.

An NSRI Oyster Bay rescue swimmer who works in Eersterivierstrand arrived on the scene to find a Basset Hound had been caught in rip currents before reaching and clambering onto rocks in the receding Spring low tide.

A local young couple, with their Bassett Hound and Alsatian, were at the beach when the Basset Hound, excited to play with a flock of birds that were in the water and then to play with a school of Dolphins that were playing in the surf nearby, had launched into the water before being caught in strong rip currents.

The young man had tried to reach his dog but we believe he retreated from the strong currents.

A local lady, wearing fins and swimming nearby, had also tried to reach the dog.

Local good samaritan Simon Bekker, a former SA Navy diver who recently was awarded commendations by NSRI for a successful rescue he performed this past December at Eersterivierstrand, had noticed the commotion and ran down to the beach where he grabbed a canoe at the beach and paddled out in an effort to reach and rescue the dog.

By that stage, the dog had reached and clambered onto some rocks but the dog remained in grave danger.

Simon reached the dog and held it on his lap, hugging the dog, until the dog owner, who had walked along the rocks to their location, reached them and he was able to carry his dog across the rocks to the beach and to safety.

By that stage the local lady, wearing fins, was still in the water.

As a precaution, Simon Bekker paddled the canoe to the lady and he assisted her against the strong currents and the turning Spring tide to get back to the beach safely.

Additional NSRI Oyster Bay rescuers were arriving on the scene.

The casualty dog, now reunited with her whole family, was assessed by NSRI medics for non-fatal drowning symptoms and her family was given advice to monitor the dog post the ordeal.

The dog seemed to be in good spirits and in no need of any further medical care.

The young man had sustained some minor cuts and bruises from the rocks but he was okay and needed no further care.

The family were delighted that their dog was safe and they thanked Simon and everyone who assisted.

NSRI commend good samaritan Simon Bekker for his efforts.



Mike Vonk, NSRI Wilderness station commander, said:

At 17h10, Thursday, 26, October, NSRI Wilderness duty crew were activated following a request for assistance from a 34-year-old female Belgium tourist who called NSRI EOC (Emergency Operations Centre) reporting that she was cut off by the Spring high tide while hiking on the beach in the Goukamma Nature Reserve, East of Sedgefield.

Our NSRI Wilderness rescue vehicle was dispatched while NSRI Wilderness rescue swimmers, from Sedgefield, responded.

WC Government Health EMS were placed on alert.

Our NSRI ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) was dispatched to respond along the beach but due to the Spring high tide, beach erosion and exposed rocks, from the recent storms, was not able to reach the lady.

On reaching the nearest access point at Goukamma Nature Reserve an NSRI rescue team hiked and on reaching the lady, found her safe and we hiked her, without incident, at sunset, out of danger and safely back to her accommodations where she required no further assistance.

The hiker has been commended for following good safety protocols.

WILDERNESS hiker rescue 26 Oct 2023

Earlier, at 14h24, our NSRI Wilderness duty crew responded to investigate eye-witness reports of a kayak appearing to be afloat and unmanned at Flat Rock, Wilderness.

The NSRI rescue craft Ann Stratford was launched.

On arrival on the scene the the kayak was found to have washed ashore.

On inspection, it appears this is an old kayak that has most likely been adrift for a while.

There are no reports of any persons missing or overdue.

The kayak has been recovered from the beach.



Simon McDonnell, NSRI Simon's Town operations commander, said:

At 19h30, Thursday, 26 October, NSRI EOC (Emergency Operations Centre) were contacted by a local fishing company requesting medical evacuation to hospital for one of their crew, a local 41-year-old fisherman, suffering a medical complaint onboard their fishing vessel, 60 nautical miles South of Cape Point.

MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre), TNPA (Transnet National Ports Authority) and WC Government Health EMS Metro Control were alerted.

Telkom Maritime Radio Services assisted an EMS duty doctor in communicating with the skipper and it was deemed necessary to transfer the patient to hospital as soon as possible.

NSRI requested the skipper to head towards Cape Point at best speed while NSRI Simon's Town duty crew launched the rescue craft Donna Nicholas, accompanied by a CMR ALS (Advanced Life Support) paramedic, and rendezvoused with the fishing vessel 30 nautical miles South of Cape Point in relatively big sea conditions in excess of 4-meter swells and navigating through busy shipping lanes.

Our NSRI rescue craft Spirit of Surfski II remained on alert throughout the operation in case she was needed to respond.

The patient was transferred onto the NSRI rescue craft and in the care of the CMR ALS paramedic the patient was brought to our NSRI Simon's Town rescue station and transported to hospital by CMR ambulance in a stable condition.

NSRI commend - our NSRI Simon's Town crew for their swift response, NSRI EOC, the fishing company and the skipper and crew of the fishing vessel for their assistance during the coordination of the operation and Telkom Maritime Radio Services for their assistance with marine VHF radio communications.

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