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On 19 April, 2023, at around 13h00, a Good Samaritan, using an NSRI Pink Rescue Buoy, assisted a female who appeared to be in distress in the surf line at Salmon Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, North Coast.

Using an NSRI Pink Rescue Buoy, Good Samaritan Daniel van Huysteen, a local skipper, who happens to be of Lotus Swim School and a swimming instructor at a local pre-primary school, leapt into the surf to assist the lady who appeared to get into distress after she had entered the surf where a ski-boat had just been launched to go to sea.

The lady. caught in a rip current and appearing to be struggling to stay afloat, was safely assisted back to the beach.

Thankfully, the quick actions of Good Samaritan Daniel prevented a potential tragedy after he reach the woman quickly using the aid of the NSRI Pink Rescue Buoy to bring her safely back to shore.

Once on the beach, the unidentified lady required no further assistance and she departed the beach.

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) commends Good Samaritan Daniel for his swift intervention using one of our NSRI Pink Rescue Buoys.

The NSRI Pink Rescue Buoy has proven to be an effective tool for aiding in rescues.

This is the 146th Pink Buoy rescue that we know of. All NSRI Pink Rescue Buoy in water rescues have been successful and no harm has come to any rescuer.

Mel Murray, who works at the bar at The Deck at Salmon Bay, had earlier suggested to the lady to preferably not swim at that spot which is known to sometimes cause swimmers to get into trouble.

When Mel and Daniel noticed her caught in a rip current and in trouble Daniel reacted swiftly to successfully intervene with the Pink Rescue Buoy.

Daniel's swift reaction serves as a reminder of the importance of water safety and looking out for one another when enjoying our beaches and oceans. We urge the public to always swim in designated safe areas where lifeguards are present and to use the NSRI Pink Rescue Buoys when needed to aid in rescues.

No emergency response was required.

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