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High temperatures are forecast, by SA Weather Service, for the coming weekend. This coupled with rough seas and high sea swells, due to a recent Southern ocean storm, and the tail end of the recent full moon Spring Tide, NSRI and all water emergency networks are appealing to the public to be safe in and around coastal and inland waters and at swimming pools


This past week around our coastline - 3 non-fatal drowning incidents - attended to by NSRI, at least 4 Good Samaritan successful rescue operations involving public member interventions using NSRI Pink Rescue Buoys, and on inland Western Cape Dams 2 fatal drowning accidents that Police have brought to NSRI's attention, has again highlighted the urgency of safety in and around coastal and inland water ways and at swimming pools.

We are appealing to coastal bathers to only swim at beaches protected by lifeguards and swim in between the lifeguards safe swimming zone flags posted by the lifeguards on the beach.

Lifeguards regularly move these flags when they detect rip currents forming and we are appealing to the public to obey the lifeguards instructions to only swim in between their flags.

Families visiting the beach should approach the lifeguards if they are separated from family members or if they need assistance.

NSRI are appealing to fishermen, coastline anglers and, beach bathers and coastline hikers, to take heed of the tail end of the full moon Spring tide. The new moon Spring Tide peaks on 1st of February.

We are appealing to the public to be aware of the higher than normal high tides and lower than normal low tides preceding and following after the Spring Tides peak day and be cautious around the coastline.

We are appealing to parents to make sure that there is a designated responsible person watching over children in and around coastal and inland waters and at swimming pools.

NSRI has developed a safety monitor ID tag to be worn by the responsible person that is overseeing children while they are swimming and to regularly change that responsible monitoring person, who is watching over the children, every half an hour to ensure that that designated person is not distracted by cellphone calls or by conversation during their dedicated monitoring period.

For information on the Safety Monitor ID tag and NSRI water safety tips go to our web page:

Do not drink alcohol and then go swimming, boating, paddling or sailboarding.


If you are caught in a rip current don't panic, stay afloat using the air in your lungs for natural buoyancy and tread water, moving your arms and legs in circular movements, to keep your head above water. Go with the rip current, do not try to swim against the current. Call out for help. At your first opportunity swim across the beachfront until you are free from the rip current and then use the incoming waves to get to the beach.

All water emergency response services, NSRI, Lifeguards, Ambulance, Fire and Rescue services, the SA Police Services and local Law Enforcement agencies are dedicated to ensuring the public are safe in and around water.


To report a water emergency call 112 from your cellphone or call 0870949774.

Be safety conscious in and around all water, inland, coastal and swimming pools.

NSRI commend the media for their extensive water safety coverage published and broadcast over the festive season and going forward.

The mission of the NSRI, Lifeguards, Ambulance, Fire and Rescue Services, SA Police Services and local Law Enforcement agencies, is focused on reducing drowning accidents around the coastline, on inland waters and at swimming pools.

The efforts by the media in broadcasting and publishing water safety contributes to the shared efforts of all of the emergency services to reduce drowning accidents.

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