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By becoming a member of MySchool, MyVillage, MyPlanet, you’ll be able to contribute to the lifesaving work NSRI does simply by shopping at partner stores.

The MySchool programme was established in 1997 by a Johannesburg-based parent who wanted to raise funds for their child’s school. The programme quickly took off, and soon became a popular fundraising tool for many schools. Around 2007, the programme expanded to include MyVillage and MyPlanet, due to the vast and growing need for raising funds for communities, charities and the environment.

You can select the NSRI as the beneficiary on your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card. In this way a percentage of the value of your shopping at partner stores is donated to Sea Rescue. This community loyalty programme makes it easy to donate at no cost to you.

Swipe to raise funds

MySchool has around 7 500 registered schools that benefit from funds raised every time a supporter swipes their card. MyVillage supports charities and welfare organisations of which NSRI is one, and MyPlanet focuses on conservation, the environment and wildlife. It’s a simple, neat way to raise funds and a great example of how many contributions, no matter how small, add up to larger amounts that can make a real impact on the chosen beneficiary.

Through the programme, the NSRI has raised over R1.8m since 2010, and we’d love for you to join in. Please encourage your family and friends to do the same. Supporters can use their cards at Woolworths, Engen, Netstar,, WorksheetCloud and, and a percentage of your spend goes to the NSRI, at no extra cost to you.

A host of great benefits

• You can support NSRI by simply swiping your card.

• You can use your card at any partner store.

• You benefit from exclusive discounts and special offers.

You’ll receive a statement by email each month showing you how much your beneficiary has raised – a great way to see the results of accumulated giving.

How to join

You can easily apply for a MySchoolMyVillageMyPlanet card today. Swipe your card at partner retailers across the country every time you shop and the store will donate a percentage of your purchase to your selected beneficiary, on your behalf.

  1. Get a free card online or simply phone 0860 100 445. You can also get a card at any Woolworths store.
  2. Nominate NSRI as the beneficiary.
  3. Swipe your card whenever you make a purchase at any partner store.
  4. The partner will donate a percentage of your purchases to your beneficiary.

For more information and to join, go to, email or call 0860 100 445 to join.

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