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NSRI are appealing to surfskiers, fishermen on sea-kayaks and anyone launching any kind of craft to go to sea to download and use the free NSRI RSA SafeTrx smart phone application.

We often hear paddlers saying that one person in their group of paddlers has and is using the NSRI RSA SafeTrx application amongst a group of paddlers and they feel no need for all of the paddlers to have the app on their phones.

The concern is that if paddlers are separated during a paddle or if a paddler capsizes and is unable to get back onto their craft and the other paddlers are unable to turn around to assist and they are separated from each other, when the one person amongst the group that has and is using the NSRI RSA SafeTrx app is unable to maintain a close proximity to the casualty paddler, this raises safety concerns.

For this reason NSRI are appealing to everyone launching and kind of craft to go to sea to have and use the NSRI RSA SafeTrx smart phone application even when paddling in groups.


Marc de Vos, NSRI Table Bay station commander, said:

At 17h18, Tuesday, 27 July, NSRI Table Bay duty crew were activated by the Transnet National Ports Authority following eye-witness reports of a paddler on a surfski appearing to be in difficulty off-shore of Granger Bay.

The NSRI Emergency Operation Centre duty controller focused attention on the screen monitor displaying craft in that area that were using the NSRI RSA SafeTrx smart phone application.

Only one craft was displayed as active on the NSRI RSA SafeTrx monitoring console although NSRI coast watchers indicated that there were three surfskiers in that vicinity and one of the three surfskiers appeared to be in difficulty.

No emergency had been declared on the active NSRI RSA SafeTrx paddlers phone.

NSRI rescue swimmers responded directly to the scene while additional NSRI crew responded to the NSRI Table sea rescue base to prepare to launch a sea rescue craft.

NSRI shore crew arriving at Granger Bay were able to determine that two surfskiers had assisted one surfskier, who it appears had lost his paddle, and they were able to assist that casualty surfskier to get safely to the OPBC (Oceana Power Boat Club) and no further assistance was required.


David Rosenberg, NSRI Bakoven deputy station commander, said:

At 12h42, Sunday, 25 July, NSRI Bakoven duty crew were activated following a DSC (Digital Selective Calling) marine radio distress signal coming from the vicinity of Robben Island.

The NSRI Bakoven sea rescue craft Gemini Legend responded and NSRI Table Bay duty crew were placed on alert.

The local sailing yacht Amarula, that was in the area at the time and that had also noticed the DSC distress signal, diverted to assist.

On our arrival on the scene we found a fisherman on a RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) that was taking water.

He had launched earlier from Melkbosstrand.

A towline was established and we towed him towards Melkbosstrand draining water from the craft while en-route.

NSRI Melkbosstrand launched a sea rescue craft and escorted us to Melkbosstrand.

The casualty craft was towed to Melkbosstrand without incident and after the casualty craft was recovered no further assistance was required.

NSRI commend the skipper of Amarula for diverting to assist.


Junre Marais, NSRI Yzerfontein duty commander, said:

At 08h15, Friday, 23 July, NSRI Yzerfontein duty crew were activated following a request for medical assistance from a local fishing boat reporting a 54 year old crew member, from Darling, collapsed unconscious onboard.

NSRI medical responded and met the fishing vessel on her arrival at Yzerfontein Harbour.

WC Government Health EMS were activated.

The patient was brought to the NSRI Yzerfontein sea rescue base first aid room

The patient was assessed by paramedics and treated for a medical condition but declined to be transported to hospital choosing instead to return home with family members on the advice to see his private doctor and no further assistance was required.

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