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We get an update on the build progress of the Offshore Rescue craft that will launch with the names of your loved ones printed on the side of it.

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NSRI’s Launch a Legacy campaign allows you to remember and honour a loved one by placing your name on the side of an offshore rescue craft (ORC) that is earmarked to replace the NSRI’s big boat fleet. The latest in production is scheduled for delivery to Station 17 (Hermanus) later this year.

The third high-tech offshore rescue craft (ORC) is in the final stages of production, and we’re looking forward to her sea trials in October, and delivery to Station 17 (Hermanus) towards the end of November.

Currently, the vessel’s engine exhaust system is being installed. The engines only get installed just before launch and all the wiring on the vessel has been run and are currently being connected. The switch panels are in production and the Cardon engine shafts, which are manufactured in France, are en route to Cape Town. The plumbing onboard the vessel is 90% complete which includes the bilge, firefighting and hydraulic plumbing and Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing is currently busy with all the upholstery.

The paintwork on the vessel is 80% complete. Paintwork projects like the non-skid are left to the end so that the surfaces don’t pick up dirt from production. Just before launch, the vessel’s decals will be completed.

The Launch a Legacy campaign

The NSRI is raising funds to support its essential boat replacement programme, and to improve the safety and capability of its rescue services in South Africa.

The new NSRI rescue boat for Station 17 Hermanus that is being built entirely in South Africa, will be funded by our Launch a Legacy fundraising campaign and will carry the names of thousands of people.

You can help us launch this vessel by donating R2 000 and honouring someone you love by placing their name on the side of the vessel. That way, each time our crew launches to save lives, your loved one will be right by their side.

New vessel, new capabilities

The new ORC is a 14m search and rescue craft that is self-righting and purpose-built for rescue operations in extreme conditions. At 14.8m long and 4.8m wide, it can be deployed on rescue missions as far as 50 nautical miles from land and has an expected lifespan of at least 40 years. By having these vessels manufactured in South Africa, the NSRI is investing in the country’s boat-building industry, providing a boost for local employment.

The ORC destined for Station 17 Hermanus will cover a wide area of operations in the Overberg region from Quoin Point to Hawston.

Launch a Legacy stories

We hear from donors who have honoured their loved ones by supporting the Launch a Legacy campaign.

“This is such a wonderful way to honour our loved ones and at the same time contribute to a worthy cause."

For Steve Wilke

To say that Steve loved the ocean is such an understatement. I still see him playing in the waves with or without a boogie board. As long as he was in the ocean, he was happy.

During one of our holidays in KZN, he saw a lady in trouble in the sea and rescued her. Her loved ones who were sitting on the beach were unaware that she was struggling. When I saw the NSRI advert about leaving a legacy, I didn’t think twice. This is such a wonderful way to honour our loved ones and at the same time contribute to a worthy cause. “Out of all the places to be, it’s best to be at the sea. - By wife Annamarie, 15 July 2021

For Henry van Embden

The NSRI rescued my family in 1967 off Three Anchor Bay when our leisure craft caught alight at sea. It was our first boat; I recall vividly, a rubber duck! Ever since then we have supported the NSRI. - By son Marco, 15 July 2021

For Betty Dickson

Our Mom loved swimming and the sea, and was a great fan and supporter of the NSRI. Subsequently, when we heard about NSRI’s Launch a Legacy campaign, we thought it would be something she would have loved. And we love the idea of her continuing to be involved with saving lives, the NSRI and the sea. - By children Clive, Heather, Lynn and Keith, 26 May 2021

For Mike Drake

My husband, Mike, loved the sea and was a passionate yachtsman. The NSRI assisted him in 2005 when he had a heart attack while bidding farewell to the ‘Clippers’. When I saw the Launch a Legacy campaign, I thought this was the perfect way to honour him. - By wife Di, 26 May 2021

We'd love to hear your story on why you’ve decided to honour a loved one. Click here to share your story, or to read more stories:

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