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NATIONAL:Multiple fatal and non fatal drowning accidents and water related emergencies occurred around our coastline and on inland waters this weekend.NSRI are appealing to the public to be cautious in and around coastal and inland waters.Only swim at beaches protected by lifeguards and children should have responsible adult supervision in and around water / Don’t try to cross rivers that are in flood.This appeal follows on a weekend where NSRI and the emergency services attended to multiple serious incidents including fatal drowning accidents.2 adult females drowned at Trafalgar Beach on the KZN South Coast.In that same incident a teenage girl and a teenage boy were rescued safely.An adult male drowned at Palmiet Beach, Kleinmond and in that incident an adult male was also rescued safely.A 12 year old girl drowned at Glencairn Tidal Pool in Cape Town.An adult male is missing on an inlet river to the Vaal Dam in the Freestate in a drowning accident.Emergency Services and Police Divers are believed to still searching for at least 5 people missing in flood related incidents that are reported to have claimed another 8 lives in Mpumalanga in flood related incidents.A 13 year old girl suffered serious injuries after falling from rocks into Clanwilliam Dam.And in numerous incidents people survived non-fatal drowning accidents or incidents involving boats and paddle craft.In many of these accidents public members stepped in to help prior to NSRI and the emergency services arriving on the scene and they are commended for their efforts.We are urgently appealing to the public to adopt a safety conscious mind set in around water particularly now that beaches are reopened to the public and in light of floods from heavy rainfalls being experienced or expected to be experienced in some Provinces.Public members are urged to be cautious.CLANWILLIAM:On Saturday, 6 February, a 13 year old local female was rescued at Clanwilliam Dam by NSRI lifeguards after she fell from rocks into the water.NSRI lifeguards, on duty at Clanwilliam Dam, recovered the teenager from the water using a spinal immobilisation board and medically treated her on the scene until WC Government Health EMS paramedics took over and transported her by ambulance to hospital in a serious but stable condition.NSRI commend the swift reaction of our lifeguards at Clanwilliam Dam.KZN SOUTH COAST:On Sunday, 7 February, at 17h32, NSRI Port Edward, SA Police Services, Police Search and Rescue and Medevac ambulance services attended at Trafalgar Beach, KZN South Coast, where 2 teenagers, a girl and a boy, and 2 adult females got into difficulty in rip currents and were swept out to sea.A local unidentified 9 year old surfer, using his surfboard, rescued the teenage boy from the water.A local father and his son, Dean and Josh Pretorius, who were fishing nearby, also swam out to assist. Josh rescued the teenage girl from the water after reaching her in the surfline as she was going under water. His dad rescued one of the adults from the water and once on the beach CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) efforts commenced on that adult lady.By that stage NSRI and emergency services were arriving on the scene and they took over CPR.Dean and his son Josh had re-launched into the surf after bystanders pointed out the second adult lady floating in the surfline and on reaching her she was face down in the water and together they managed to recover her to the beach where CPR was commenced.Sadly despite extensive CPR efforts on both adult females they were both declared deceased.Condolences are conveyed to the relatives of the 2 ladies.The 2 teenagers who were rescued were not injured and they had left the scene with their parents in separate vehicles.NSRI commend the unidentified 9 year old and Dean and Josh Pretorius for their combined efforts in this incident.GLENCAIRN, CAPE TOWN:NSRI Simon's Town volunteers assisted CMR (Cape Medical Response) paramedics at Glencairn Tidal Pool after CMR were alerted to CPR in progress at the tidal pool just after 16h00 on Sunday, 7 February.A 12 year old girl had been recovered from the water after she was noticed lying at the bottom of the tidal pool.Bystander CPR was commenced by public members who raised the alarm and extensive CPR efforts were continued by paramedics but sadly after all efforts to resuscitate the girl were exhausted she was declared deceased.Condolences are conveyed to the family of the girl.NSRI and CMR commend the public members for their extensive efforts on the scene trying to save the girls life.KLEINMOND:At around 19h00, Sunday, 7 February, 2 teenagers, Wandre Groenewald, 15, and Hannes Vermeulen, 18, at Palmiet Beach, Kleinmond, noticed a man in shallow surf appearing to be in difficulty. Together they rescued the 35 year old man from the water. Finding him to be semi-conscious they alerted public members who raised the alarm.While attending to that man on the beach other public members indicated a relative of theirs, an adult male, missing in the surfline.The 2 teenagers scoured the surf and they caught sight of the man floating in the surf and together they launched into the surf and were able to rescue the man to the beach where they started CPR efforts.NSRI Kleinmond, Overstrand Fire and Rescue Services, WC Government Health EMS and the SA Police Services responded and on arrival on the scene CPR efforts continued but sadly despite extensive efforts to resuscitate the man paramedics declared him deceased.Condolences are conveyed to family of the deceased manNSRI commend Wandre and Hannes for their efforts in saving the one man’s life and for their efforts in desperately trying to save the second man’s life.
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