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Rescue efforts in Kommetjie and Mossel Bay over the weekend occurred as follows: KOMMETJIE, Station 26:Kelly-Ann Irving, NSRI Kommetjie deputy station commander, said:At 11h30, Saturday, 11 July, NSRI Kommetjie crew responded to sand dunes at Long Beach, Kommetjie, following a request for assistance from a bystander reporting a Cape Clawless Otter appearing to be injured.Local wildlife rescue volunteer Brett Glasby was alerted and a team of volunteers joined NSRI in a search.The adult Otter was located in amongst kelp on the beach and appeared to be injured and showed signs of emaciation and poor health.The Otter was recovered into an animal cage and NSRI transported the Otter to a local vet where Cape of Good Hope SPCA wildlife inspectors arrived to collect the animal.SPCA has reported that sadly the Otter passed away.MOSSEL BAY, Station 15:Andre Fraser, NSRI Mossel Bay station commander, said:At 10h33, Sunday, 12 July, NSRI Mossel Bay duty crew, at our sea rescue station conducting routine training, were activated following a request for assistance from a former NSRI Mossel Bay volunteer reporting a 53 year old Oudtshoorn man who had been paddling in their group of paddlers needing assistance after capsizing on a double sea-kayak.4 men were on 2 double sea-kayaks and the casualty man had been unable to get back onto his double sea-kayak after capsizing.Although the sea-kayak was righted and one of the 2 paddlers on that double sea-kayak had managed to get back on, the second paddler was unable to get back on.While he was in the water they were attempting to tow him to the shore using a tow rope.After the fellow paddlers realised that the man was beginning to show signs of hypothermia, despite being relatively close to the shoreline at that stage, they opted to raise the alarm and they are commended for making that decision without hesitation.Our sea rescue craft St Blaize Rescuer was launched and on arrival on the scene the man that was in the water was rescued onto our sea rescue craft.His fellow paddler was also taken onboard the sea rescue craft and their double sea-kayak was recovered from the water.They were brought to shore where the casualty was re-warmed and required no further assistance.The 2 men on the second double sea-kayak came ashore safely without incident.
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