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Marc van Staden, NSRI Knysna duty coxswain, said:At 15h18, Monday, 06 April, NSRI Knysna duty crew were activated following eye-witness reports of a 10 metre houseboat listing at her moorings on Knysna Lagoon in front of Laguna Grove near to the Knysna Waterfront.The houseboat owner, known to NSRI, was contacted and we launched the sea rescue craft Eileen Meadway, accompanied by the owner and water extrication pumps, while 2 of our NSRI crewman went to shoreside in their private vehicles.On arrival on the scene, we found the boat had filled with water in a sequence of events which included the previous crew who had rented the boat in their haste to depart for the lockdown they may have damaged a windless cover which with the Spring tide and gale force winds the anchor hatch filled with water and the drainage hulls were blocked contributing to the boat partially sinking.Water extrication pumps were deployed and after an hour and a half of pumping water free the boat was afloat and stable.Tension to the mooring lines was released to compensate for the Spring tide and with the boat re-floated and appearing to be in good condition with limited damage no further assistance was required.The owner returned to the boat the next morning to dry out the cabin and he reported that all was well.At 07h59, Tuesday, 07 April, NSRI Knysna duty crew were activated following eye-witness reports of an 8 metre houseboat moored on the Causeway, between the Knysna Yacht Club and Thesen Island, listing to Starboard.The sea rescue craft Eileen Meadway was launched accompanied by water extrication pumps and on arrival on the scene we ran the pumps effectively pumping water from the boat.In this case the boat normally lies low in the water and the owner, from Sedgefield, normally takes extra precaution when strong winds and weather threaten but with the lockdown these extra precautions had not been not applied.Once the boat was emptied of water and stabilised no further assistance was required.SEA RESCUE EMERGENCY: 112 or 087 094 9774Released by:Craig LambinonSEA RESCUE COMMUNICATIONSEmail: | Cell: +27 (0) 82 380 3800 |
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