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NSRI Station 14 Plett's Nicholas van den Handel (right) volunteered to walk the rest of the Robberg Nature Trail with Elizabeth Green aged 70, of Kleinkrans near Wilderness, in memory of her husband on the 50th anniversary of their wedding . Pictured here with Swiss tourists (on holiday from Zurich and staying in Knysna)PLETTENBERG BAY:At 14h55, Saturday, 03rd February, NSRI Plettenberg Bay duty crew were alerted to reports of a 70 year old local lady experiencing some difficulty while hiking on the Robberg Nature Trail.NSRI crew were dispatched to investigate and on arrival on the scene found 70 year old Elizabeth Green, from Kleinkrans (Wilderness) she was near to the Island and determined to keep walking despite pain in her knees, hips and legs, sustained during her walk on the trail.NSRI offerred to bring a boat in and take her back to Plettenberg Bay by NSRI rescue boat but we learned that this is a 50th wedding anniversary for Mrs Green and her late husband and she was doing the walk as a sentimental tribute. She was determined that she was going to finish the walk despite the pain she had developed during the hike.A group of Swiss hikers had come across Mrs Green on the trail earlier and stopped to assist. On hearing the sentimental reasons for the hike they had joined Mrs Green and were helping her along.Other hikers, including local hikers and a hiker from the United Kingdom, all on the trail at the time also joined in to assist and some went ahead to find cellphone reception to raise the alarm.NSRI Plettenberg Bay crew responded and had brought along a Stokes basket stretcher and offered that to Mrs Green (to carry her the remainder of the route which was still quite some distance) but she refused, confident that she was going to finish the walk.Supported by the groups of hikers and by the NSRI crew members Mrs Green completed the walk without incident.NSRI commend Rodger Milton, from the United Kingdom, Tanita Bohny, Francesca Cimino, Vanessa Tinnacher and Marion Giger from Zurich, Switzerland, and all other bystanders and hikers who assisted along the way.At 16h58, Saturday, 03rd February, NSRI Plettenberg Bay duty crew were activated following reports of a drowning in a swimming pool at a lodge North of Plettenberg Bay on the N2.NSRI medical crew and Medlife ambulance services responded.On arrival on the scene NSRI found bystanders conducting CPR on a child and NSRI medics took over CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) efforts on the 7 year old local male child.The child was transported to hospital with extensive CPR efforts continuing in the ambulance and CPR was continued in hospital before doctors sadly declared the child deceased after all efforts were exhausted.Police have opened an inquest docket.Condolences are conveyed to family.
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