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Thank you everyone for your interest in the story of the Pink Rescue Buoy which was removed from The Point Beach at Jeffrey’s Bay. After hours of investigation by our unpaid volunteers, Atlas Security, SAPS, Kouga Traffic Department and Cathy (who shared the CCTV footage); the pink buoy has been located and returned to the beach. Those responsible for removing it have been part of the effort to reinstall it.
The owner of the vehicle was not involved and was not aware that those who borrowed her car had committed this act.
NSRI were involved in discussions with the three young men, their parents, the owner of the car and legal guidance was offered by the Authorities.
Through the investigation and subsequent mediation by our Station Commanders at NSRI Jeffreys Bay and Port Elizabeth, all parties involved have apologised and expressed due remorse. It has been agreed that a period of community service will follow under the guidance of the Authorities.
NSRI commend all involved in the recovery and again urge the public to take ownership of the Drowning Prevention Pink Rescue Floatation Buoy program that has already contributed to one life being saved.
'The purpose of making them Pink', said NSRI CEO Dr. Cleeve Robertson, 'is because pink luminous buoys are more visible in the surf and able to be located by responding resources in a real emergency. The colour pink is unique to NSRI and anyone finding a pink buoy should please return it to NSRI. These buoys are on our beaches for public safety and South Africans can be proud of the initiative that they are part of.'
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