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KOMMETJIE:On Tuesday morning, 12th December, NSRI Kommetjie were activated to assist at a house in Kommetjie where a roadway water pipe had burst threatening to flood a residential home.The NSRI Kommetjie Fire trailer was transported to the scene and NSRI Kommetjie used the fire trailer pump and hoses to guide water towards gardens and away from the house and the Water Department arrived a short while later to repair the burst water pipes and once repaired no further assistance was required.STRUISBAAI and HERMANUS:At 08h52, Thursday, 14th December, NSRI Agulhas were activated by the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) following a request for assistance from the yacht Day Off, with a husband and wife onboard, reporting motor mechanical failure, battery failure, unable to sail further and with no anchor they were adrift 10 nautical miles off shore of Struisbaai.The NSRI Agulhas sea rescue craft Spirit of Agulhas was launched and on arrival on the scene, following a search for the yacht, the yacht was located and taken under tow and towed to a berth off-shore of Struisbaai and using an anchor borrowed from the NSRI they were put to a safe anchorage at around 15h30 off-shore of Struisbaai.The yacht had run aground and beached at Mossel Bay on 06th December after her anchor chain broke but after being towed off the beach and towed into Mossel Bay Harbour by NSRI Mossel Bay it appears that the couple had recently departed Mossel Bay for Cape Town before calling for assistance off-shore of Struisbaai.Once she was put to a safe anchored off-shore of Struisbaai salvage options were investigated by the owner but with approaching strong winds expected NSRI and TNPA discussed the safest options available and NSRI Hermanus were tasked to launch and to go to the aid of the yacht Day Off and to tow the yacht to Hermanus Harbour as a safety precautionary measure.NSRI Hermanus departed Hermanus at 19h00 on Thursday, 14th December, headed towards Struisbaai and an NSRI Hermanus sea rescue vehicle was dispatched to Struisbaai.The NSRI Hermanus sea rescue craft South Star arrived at the yacht in Struisbaai after midnight.A towline was rigged and the casualty yacht and the couple were towed to Hermanus Harbour without incident, (the sea rescue vehicle followed on the land side to assist with radio communications which were further aided by Telkom Maritime Radio Services and for safety).The tow operation arrived in Hermanus at 09h00 on Friday, 15th December, and NSRI safely moored the casualty yacht in Hermanus Harbour and no further assistance was required.JEFFREYS BAY:At 08h13 on Friday, 15 December, NSRI Jeffreys Bay duty crew were activated to evacuate a 54-year-old male crew member from the Chokka fishing boat Sea Lion following a request for assistance from the skipper.The patient, from Port Elizabeth, was reportedly suffering from severe chest pains which had started the previous evening. The vessel was some three nautical miles off-shore from the Main Beach at Jeffreys Bay.The sea rescue craft Project Group Rescuer was launched and rendezvoused with Sea Lion about one nautical mile off-shore and the patient, in a stable condition, was transferred and brought to shore at 08h55.An EC Government Health EMS ambulance that NSRI activated arrived at the same time that the patient was brought to shore and the patient was examined at the NSRI Jeffreys Bay rescue base by the EMS paramedics and he has been transported to hospital by EMS ambulance in a stable condition for further treatment.The crew at Sea Rescue Jeffreys Bay have wished the patient a speedy recovery.SHELLY BEACH:At 12h15, Friday, 15th December, NSRI Shelly Beach duty crew were activated following a call from Shelly Beach Control reporting the 12 meter Mighty fishing charter boat suffering mechanical motor failure and at the backline off-shore of Shelly Beach with 10 crew onboard.The sea rescue craft Spirit of Dawn was launched.The charter boat Sosume assisted and took 4 crew off the casualty boat, bringing them safely ashore, the sea rescue craft Spirit of dawn took 4 crew off, bringing them safely ashore, and the skipper and his crewman remained onboard and the sea rescue craft Spirit of Dawn retuned to the casualty boat and with the skipper and a crewman remaining onboard NSRI towed the Mighty charter fishing boat ashore without incident.The 8 crew that were taken off the casualty boat are from Gauteng and Newcastle and all adult males.Following that operation NSRI Shelly Beach duty crew then launched a short while later at 14h25 to assist the recreational boat Predator with 3 male crew, from Johannesburg.Their boat was suffering mechanical motor failure and they were at the backline off-shore of Shelly Beach.NSRI Shelly Beach duty crew launched the sea rescue craft Spirit of Dawn and Shelly Spirit.The local charter boat Sea Fishient took two of the casualty crew off and brought them safely ashore.A tow-line was rigged from the sea rescue craft Spirit of Dawn and the sea rescue craft towed the casualty boat Predator to shore without incident and once safely ashore no further assistance was required.All charter boats and Shelly Beach Control that assisted in the operations today are commended. Sea Fishient assisted NSRI with the Predator callTO REPORT A SEA RESCUE EMERGENCY DIAL 112 FROM A CELLPHONE
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