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The organization of the KZN training event was a combined effort between Station 32 Port Edward and Stn 20 Shelly Beach.It was held at The Pont Holiday Resort in Port Edward from the 6 – 8 November 2015, and all stations in KZN were represented at the training – Stn 19 Richards Bay, Stn 5 Durban, Stn 20 Shelly Beach and Stn 32 Port Edward.There were 3 time slots for exercises that consisted of numerous scenarios each.Scenario 1, was focused on first aid: A plane with 4 people on board crashed in a nearby nature reserve. The NSRI volunteers were divided into 4 teams and had to do a bush evacuation.Scenario 2 was split into 4 smaller events; Rescue runner training focused on crew transfers, bail-offs and pick-ups; Tiller-arm training focused on the control and handling of the craft; A capsized vessel that had to be righted and rope work was the event for the land based crew.Scenario 3 was for team building and a wind down: The sea based crew were divided into four groups that had to construct a raft out of empty 2 l bottles, bamboo, some ropes and whatever they could find.Rope work during the exercise. Rope work during the exercise.Green team building their raft using spinal board. Green team building their raft using spinal board.A team returning from bush evacuation. A team returning from bush evacuation.Rope work for land based crew/trainee crew. Rope work for land based crew/trainee crew.Rescue Runner and Tiller arm training (coxswains and trainee coxswains). Rescue Runner and Tiller arm training (coxswains and trainee coxswains).The volunteers who took part in the exercise. The volunteers who took part in the exercise.
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