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IMG-20141229-WA0002 Pic: Station 3 Table BayIMG-20141229-WA0004 Pic: Station 3 Table BayIMG-20141229-WA0000 Pic: Station 3 Table Bay28th and 29th December. CAPE TOWN:At 20h31, Sunday, 28th December, NSRI Table Bay duty crew were activated by the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) following a request for assistance from the fishing trawler TICKY reporting rope around her motor propellors and loss of motor power, with 5 fishermen onboard, 4 nautical miles off-shore of Llandudno (11 nautical miles from the Port of Table Bay).NSRI Table Bay dispatched the sea rescue craft SPIRIT OF VODACOM and on arrival on-scene a tow line was rigged to the casualty fishing trawler and she was towed to the Port of Table Bay safely without incident.The operation was completed at 03h30.MOSSEL BAY:At 08h25, Monday, 29th December, NSRI Mossel Bay duty crew responded VODACOM RESCUER IV to investigate reports of a paddler capsized on a surf-ski off-shore of The Point Hotel.On arrival on-scene 4 paddlers were found paddling and the confirmed that one of the paddlers had come off his surf-ski but had managed to right the craft and continue paddling and they required no further assistance.SHELLY BEACH: At 08h45, Monday, 29th December, NSRI Shelly Beach dispatched their DISCOVERY rescue runner and the sea rescue craft SPIRIT OF DAWN to assist the boat FISH REAPER with 4 crew onboard suffering motor failure just off the back breaker line and requesting assistance.In relays NSRI Shelly Beach took 3 crew off the boat bringing them safely to shore using the DISCOVERY rescue runner.The skipper remained onboard the casualty craft which was towed safely ashore by the sea rescue craft SPIRIT OF DAWN.Then at 11h22, NSRI Shelly Beach duty crew dispatched the sea rescue craft SPIRIT OF DAWN to assist the boat MIGHTY off-shore of the Shelly Beach suffering motor failure to one motor and not wanting to come in through the breakers on one motor as a precaution and requesting 8 passengers to be evacuated to shore.NSRI brought 8 passengers safely ashore and the casualty boat came ashore safely on one motor with the skipper onboard and no further assistance was requiredELANDS BAY:At 11h40, Monday, 29th December, NSRI Mykonos duty crew were placed on alert and NSRI Lamberts Bay duty crew responded to reports of the boat DESERT ROSE, with 2 crew onboard, in difficulty in the surf line at Elands Bay.The boat and crew, from St Helena Bay, suffered motor failure in the surf line.Prior to NSRI Lamberts Bay arriving on-scene NSRI Mykonos were informed that the 2 crew of the casualty boat had managed to get the motor started and they were out of danger and required no further assistance.NSRI Lamberts Bay sea rescue craft returned to base.NSRI are urging boaters to wear their life-jackets while on water. Have your safety equipment easily accessible and let a responsible person know your departure time, your exact route and return time and stick to your intended plan.TO REPORT A SEA RESCUE EMERGENCY DIAL 112 FROM A CELLPHONESMS 32287 with your name and a message of support for our Sea Rescue crew, SMS charged at R1
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Boat assisted (Port Alfred), kite boarder (Witsand), fisherman evacuated off Chokka boat (St Francis) & boaters assisted (Kleinmond)

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