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Debbie Smith reports on teaching WaterWise from Port St Johns:'The month of August has been one of my most rewarding yet. A personal best for me, thus far, with 1726 children educated and starting in the new area of “Majola” – tea plantation territory bordering Port St John’s, I have experienced so many highs, it makes me smile broadly. Well….the school of Lupapasi J.S.S. has to be it! On one outing I did 3 classes in one day and teacher “Terror” was the highlight, aside from the children.Not being able to take a picture of Terror though, his antics made me laugh and still do to this day. We became so integrated in the teaching of these classes. He translated 2 classes for me into Xhosa, brought the house down with entertaining the kids, word for word from my mouth but with his own antics and hectic sense of humour. When I would pause for a breath, Terror would do exactly the same. When I would demonstrate something, he would do the same……..After the 2nd class he said “Heibo Debbie, just as well we are finished now, YO I am tired hey!!!”.On speaking with other teachers, they all agreed that Terror belongs on stage or radio somewhere. The children laughed, learnd, pushed each other to do CPR. The classes were highly entertaining with children sucking up all this newly taught knowledge.I personally loved being at Lupapasi J.S.S. School and I thank Principal Mr Makanya from the bottom of my heart for being so accommodating with 3 visits to this school to ensure the entire school had been done.P1070295P1070300P1070306P1070317
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