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At approximately 08h00 this morning, Tuesday the 6th of May, NSRI Oyster Bay volunteers were activated following reports of a yacht run aground in Oyster Bay.Mark Mans, NSRI Oyster Bay station commander, said: 'Our duty crew responded to find solo sailor, 62 year old Darrel Hansen, from Mossel Bay, safe on the beach in the care of bystanders who had happened upon the man lying on sand dunes and attempting to reach a place where he could raise the alarm early this morning.“During a storm in the night no one had noticed the yacht run aground which happened some half a kilometre away from the edge of the Oyster Bay housing line.“Mr Hansen, sailing on his 8.2 meter yacht INGRID, from Mossel Bay to Port Elizabeth, had run aground during the night after attempting to sail his yacht into the shelter of Oyster Bay to escape rough weather but a wave had capsized his boat (estimated to have happened at around 9 p.m. last night) and the boat was washed ashore and broke up on rocks approximately half a kilometre away from the edge of the housing line in Oyster Bay.“Mr Hansen lost his prosthetic leg during the ordeal but he managed to get to shore and he had crawled towards houses to as far as sand dunes where he was found by early morning walkers lying on a sand dune exhausted, and they raised the alarm.“It appears that Mr Hansen lost everything during the incident. Waves had ripped his clothes from his body and he was found with nothing except the shattered yacht and debris lying amongst rocks nearby.“His attempt to get to shore was hampered by him losing his prosthetic leg during the incident.“Our NSRI Oyster Bay volunteers have taken Mr Hansen into their our care and have clothed him and fed him and arrangements made to get hold of his wife in Mossel Bay.'Most of his prosthetic leg was found in amongst the debris but unfortunately a certain piece of the prosthetic leg that makes it usable was not found and the prosthesis will have to be repaired before it can be used.“Only minimal equipment has been able to be recovered from the yacht which is mostly shattered in pieces across the shoreline.“What could be salvaged will be stored at our Sea Rescue base until it can be returned home.“Our NSRI Oyster Bay volunteers will shelter Mr Hansen this morning and as soon as someone from Mossel Bay can be arranged to come and collect him, when that happens, an NSRI Oyster Bay volunteer will drive Mr Hansen part of the way towards Mossel Bay to rendezvous with the people coming to collect him.”Picture’s are available for media upload on Sea Rescue's Flickr page.Darren Hansen after his ordeal. Darren Hansen after his ordeal.The wreck of the 8.2 meter yacht INGRID62 which belonged to Darren Hansen, from Mossel Bay, The remains of the 8.2 meter yacht INGRID62 which belonged to Darren Hansen, from Mossel Bay.The remains of the 8.2 meter yacht INGRID62 which belonged to Darren Hansen, from Mossel Bay. The remains of the 8.2 meter yacht INGRID62 in the surf at Oyster Bay.
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