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The NSRI’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) went live in July 2019. Based at NSRI Head Office in Cape Town, the EOC has seven full-time operators who man the emergency lines 24/7.

The centre provides a single point of contact for incoming emergency calls, including 112, and is the first point of call for Port Control, the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) and other emergency call centres.

Each of our operators, all of whom have emergency call-centre and operational backgrounds, brings unique strengths to the team. They all underwent extensive training which included visiting various NSRI stations and spending time at the MRCC, TNPA Port of Cape Town and Telkom Maritime Services.

The EOC assists the NSRI stations and volunteers by funneling the communication networks into a single centre, creating a more streamlined channel of information to and from the broader emergency networks. This means that rescuers can focus on the rescue effort and get the information and assistance they need when they need it.


The NSRI continues to develop its visibility and agility by training more sea-going and lifeguard crews, enhancing our fleet and extending our station footprint across South Africa.


What the EOC does

Our Emergency Call Centre operators are responsible for:

Managing the call flow from the public in the event of an emergency
Coordinating emergency dispatch systems
Communicating with stations during emergency call-outs
Tracking the location and progress of NSRI vessels and vehicles, ensuring the safety of our volunteers
Maintaining the operational incident database and supporting the volunteer effort in any administrative, reporting and operational functions, thereby reducing the burden on volunteers who can get on with the business of rescue
Graeme harding

“What is really good about this role is that we are involved in the call from start to end. You get the call, dispatch the resources and monitor and support the rescue, right until the time the patients are in the ambulance, and the boats are washed and reports signed off. You feel part of the rescue team.”

Randall Cupido, EOC operator