Winter Holiday Safety Tips

The winter holiday is here and we all want to make sure our children have fun, but it is important to remember a few water safety tips during these holidays : * always supervise children when they near water * never swim alone * never cross flooded bridges or rivers * know the emergency number

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NSRI vereer seuns wat jong dogtertjie se lewe red.

Foto: Gabriel Filander, Mnr. D Abrahams, adjunk hoof by Ceres Sekonder, wat toekenning namens Kenan Jansen ontvang het, en Waylin Malan.

Gedurende Oktober 2018 het ‘n paar kinders in ‘n plaasdam gaan swem. Donnalee het onder die water verdwyn; kinders wat naby haar gespeel het, het haar uit die water gehaal.   Toe Wesley, Waylin, Gabriel en Kenan, wat aan die ander kant van die dam geswem het, die kinders hoor skreeu, het hulle onmiddelik nader gehardloop.

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Water Safety rules to remember

Children love to play, and when it is hot outside, children especially love to play in the water. It is the adults responsibility to make sure that children are supervised at all times, especially around water. Keep your children safe this holiday, by ensuring that your children always have a sober guardian watching them. Teach

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Survival swimming trials in Ceres

10 students, aged between 10 and 11, from St Mark’s Primary school recently completed a Survival Swimming trial in Ceres with Eoudia Erasmus, our Water Safety Team Leader. Thanks goes out to the Prince Alfred Hamlet municipality for the free use of their pool for the trials. The children in this trial were picked specifically

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Beware of Rip currents.

Rip currents ( the darker green water) can clearly be seen near Plettenberg Bay.

This picture shows very clearly what rip currents look like from above. The water flows in towards the beach over sandbanks (It is a lighter colour and the waves break evenly over these areas). To get back out to sea sometimes a rip current – or ‘river’ of water – is formed between two sand

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