SEA RESCUE Summer Magazine out now

The story of 2020 really is one of resilience and the ability of our community to hang together and continue to provide the essential services we do. Thankfully we seem to be surfacing and are rising towards the light! September was a month for strategic planning, when we looked back at the last five years, planned for the next five years, and ironed out

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SEA RESCUE Magazine – Spring Issue 2020

Image Cover: Simon McDonnell

In this issue, we take you to the heart of what our volunteers do and share stories about our crew working on the Covid-19 frontline – men and women who temporarily ‘hung up their wetsuits’ to perform vital essential services in hospitals and on the road. Take a look behind the scenes at how we

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Sea Rescue Magazine Winter 2019

Our Winter Sea Rescue 2019 magazine issue is in the post.  What’s even more exciting is that it will delivered in a paper envelope and no longer in a plastic bag.   We do care about the environment and everyone who lives in it.  Enjoy the new edition. Thank you to Paula Leech for the cover

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