By joining forces, the NSRI and Sealand promote a shared vision of safeguarding the seas and uplifting the South African community, forming a powerful and purposeful alliance that directly supports the NSRI’s mission of making South Africa’s waters safer for everyone. Donate R500 and get a R500 Sealand Gift Card in return.

How it works

  1. Donate R500 (or a multiple of) on this page.
  2. Once your donation is received you will be sent an email with a unique PIN code and a link to the NSRI redemption platform.
  3. Log onto the NSRI redemption platform and redeem your Sealand Gift Card/s by capturing your unique PIN.
  4. Once you have redeemed your Sealand Gift Card/s, you can shop with it online or in-store.
  5. Read the full Terms & Conditions

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