2023 NSRI 4-Car Competition

Don't miss the mid-year draw! We're giving away our first car soon. Tickets are just R800 so don't miss your chance to win.

Rules of the 2023 NSRI 4-Car Competition

  1. This Competition is open to anyone 18 years and over, except for paid staff members of the NSRI, NSRI Governance Board Members and staff members of NSRI’s Auditors
  2. Three prizes will be awarded and three finalists will be drawn by a representative of the NSRI’s Auditors
  3. The first draw will take place no later than Friday 18th August 2023 for paid ticket entries received by the first closing date of 31st July 2023 at midnight. One winner will be announced and the 3rdprize will be awarded by 30thAug 2023
  4. A second draw will take place no later than 20th December 2023 for paid ticket entries received by the second closing date of 15th December 2023 at midnight. Two finalists will be announced
  5. The winning ticket in the mid-year draw will be ineligible for the year-end draw
  6. The two year-end finalists will be invited to attend a Competition Prize Draw in January 2024, at their expense in Cape Town. Should a finalist be unable to attend, he/she will still be eligible to win a prize and can decide whether to nominate a representative to be present at the draw.
  7. The final Competition Prize Draw will be officiated by a senior representative of the NSRI’s Auditors. All entrants will be notified no later than 31 January 2024 of the outcome of the Competition.
  8. All prizes are tax-free
  9. A tax certificate may not be issued for competition entries
  10. Prizes will be donated back to the NSRI if they are not claimed within 12 months of the winner being notified
  11. Ticket entries are limited to 45 000
  12. To be eligible for entry in the competition each ticket attracts a minimum donation of R800, or as advertised
  13. Unidentified donations will not be allocated ticket numbers or entered into the Draw
  14. Car models and values may change due to supplier model changes and availability
  15. n the event of a dispute, the decision of the auditing firm will be final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the result

Society Lottery Scheme is registered with the National Lotteries Commission (Reg 00077/36)