WaterWise Yazi Ngamanzi

WaterWise Instructor Percy Mthombeni teaches Soweto children about water safety and how to do CPR.

Percy Mthombeni teaches school children in Soweto about water safety and how to do CPR.

Sea Rescue estimates that every year in South Africa there are 2 000 fatal drowning incidents, of which 600 are children. That is the equivalent of ten buses full of children who drown every single year.  The NSRI also believes that 10 times this number of people suffer some form of hypoxic brain injury from non-fatal drowning incidents, with associated social and economic knock on effects, as reported in various studies and scientific journals. We therefore estimate that in South Africa approximately 20 000 people suffer from fatal and non-fatal drowning each year.

According to the Medical Research Council, those most at risk of drowning are children from poor communities. The highest incidence of drowning is in fresh water, farm dams swimming pools and rivers.

Saving Lives, Changing Lives, Creating Futures:
Sea Rescue’s Yazi Ngamanzi WaterWise Academy teaches children how to avoid danger in or near water, what to do in an emergency, how to safely rescue a friend, who to call for help and how to do HandsOn CPR. The interactive presentation is given on school premises at no charge. Watch a video on the WaterWise here.

The Yazi Ngamanzi Instructors have taught over 1,4 million children about water safety since 2006. Our 14 Instructors and 9 volunteer Instructors are based around the country and visit classrooms in disadvantaged communities. You can see a breakdown of our statistics here.

Because even good swimmers drown it is important to teach our children how to swim – but it is also important to teach children how to be WaterWise – how to be safe in and near water.

Soweto based WaterWise Instructor Kenneth Gagela teaches children the WaterWise PLAN.

Kenneth Gagela teaches children the WaterWise PLAN.

We need your help:

WaterWise Yazi Ngamanzi needs to reach more children. Our current challenge is to source the funding to train more Instructors.
Six of our WaterWise Instructors are proudly sponsored by Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) and two by Santam.

Partnership Opportunities:

Sponsor a WaterWise Academy Instructor per annum
R 236 470 (2017)
R 260 110 (2018)
R286 130 (2019)

Optional add on sponsorships: Branded materials, safety signage (quotation on request)

Funders are afforded SARS 18A benefits and BEE points for their BBBEE scorecard.

To assist with funding please contact us Alison Smith on 021 434 4011


Zanele WaterWise

Zanele Bushwane teaches Nyanga children Hands On CPR.