Frequently asked questions:

How do I know that my donation is well spent?

  • Good governance is extremely important to NSRI and we adhere to the principles of King III.
  • NSRI has an open book policy.  Our audited financial statements are available at any state library and online in our Integrated Report.

Does NSRI participate in third party fundraising?

  • In order to ensure good governance, funds raised for NSRI are banked directly into our bank account.
  • In order to qualify for SARS 18A benefits, donors must bank their donations directly into NSRI’s bank account.
  • NSRI does not make use of third party agents to collect on our behalf.
  • Our call centre is outsourced, but only the marketing and administrative functions are outsourced, all funds are banked directly into NSRI’s bank account.

How do I volunteer?

We need crew who are in it for the long haul. Our training is given in-house, once you have proved your commitment and loyalty to the rescue base. You need to live within ten minutes of a Sea Rescue station and be able to offer up your time for training and standby. To find out more email info@searescue.org.za

I have been approached by a call centre?

There is a team of marketers who work in a call centre and another team who work in shopping centers. If you would like to verify their name please call Jackie on 021 202 4753 or 076 453 7022.