West Coast Rescue Swimmers

One of our Cedarberg rescue swimmers keeping watch.

In November last year Sea Rescue trained Rescue Swimmers and a beach safety patrol team to watch over bathers at Clanwilliam, Lamberts Bay and Elands Bay. The team trained extremely hard and were operational from Mid November to Mid January this year. They made a great contribution to water safety in the Cederberg and will

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Spot the Dangers..

Illustration by Megan the Bird

All it takes is a few seconds to fall or step into deep water and drown.  Sea Rescue’s Water Safety lessons now have an additional emphasis on ‘spot the dangers’, adding an extra layer of education to emphasise the importance of knowing the water before you enter it to keep yourself safe. Our Water Safety

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National Safety Alert:

NSRI Spring Tide Alert for the Christmas weekend: Sea Rescue is urging public caution around the coast as the full moon spring tide effect has now started taking effect leading towards the Full Moon peak at 15h00 on Saturday 22 December. This spring tide alert applies from today to 26 December when the full moon spring tide will

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RNLI Survival Swimming course in Zanzibar

Sea Rescue’s national water safety team leader Eoudia Erasmus is winging her way home after taking part in an intensive Survival Swimming workshop in Zanzibar as a guest of the RNLI.   For a number of years the RNLI have been training Survival Swimming Instructors how to teach survival swimming skills to children. The workshop

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Ryk visits Ronwe Primary

We regularly invite sponsors to visit our projects and to observe the work that we do. Earlier this year Ryk Neethling, CEO of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, attended one of our water safety lessons at Ronwe Primary School in Paarl. We talk to children about basic water safety, we discuss what to do

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