ARCH NSRI Adventure Day 4×4 Tour

We had a fantastic day at the ARCH NSRI Adventure Day and 4×4 Tour yesterday.   Once a year we are given unique access to the Koeberg Nature Reserve dunes and each year it is a sell out event.

Despite a bit of a chill and brief early morning showers, we had clear skies and the west coast flowers were in full bloom.  We watched eland and springbok set against the majestic backdrop of Table Mountain.  

Thank you to all our loyal supporters who look forward to this event and queue to book their spot.  Thank you ESKOM and Koeberg for hosting us.  Thank you to our title sponsor ARCH Retail Systems as well as Land Cruiser Club (Western Cape) and our other suppliers and sponsors who help us year after year.  Our rescue volunteers from Station 18 Melkbosstrand worked hard and always with a big smile.  It was great to see past crew Bennie, Karen and Daniel arrived to lend a land.

See you all again next year.

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  1. M. C.
    10. Sep, 2018 at 13:42 #

    Good day Anneline.

    As long a day as my family had, I would like to thank the all the volunteers on the day, admin staff, leaders, sweepers, marshalls and registration. I hope I didn’t forget anybody. Everybody was friendly and well informed, I could ask anybody anything and it was always a positive response.

    The obstacles itself was challenging for me, as it was stretching mine and the hilux’s 4×4 legs for the first time.

    I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, but I was most scared of damaging my one and only vehicle, but the hilux took most obstacles in it’s stride and I was throughly impressed. There were a few obstacles where i took the detour of shame (escape route), but not without trying most obstacles at least one.

    Highlight for myself and my wife was the G-Force. I managed to keep my speed up and the momentum going to complete it on my first try. My eldest boy, who is 5 Yrs old, kept yelling “more”. All he wanted the hilux to do was bounce.

    I was in Group G and by the time we arrived some of the dunes looked more tired than I was, maybe limit the vehicles to 10 per group?

    The day was long, my youngest son (2yrs old) was niggly, but all in all was a very good family fun day, enjoyed by all of us. I asked my two boys if they wanted to go back to the sand dunes and they said yes. We will definitely be doing it again, and look forward to next years event.

    Please thank my sweeper as well for Group G, I kept chatting to him like I knew him. Asking him technical questions about what to do next, how to approach the obstacles etc.

    Kind regards.
    M. C.

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