Farewell Coralie

It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to Coralie Wynsome McDonald.

She was a loved volunteer and colleague for the past 14 years, firstly as a Sea Rescue crewman at NSRI Station 2 Bakoven and later as a member of the NSRI Head Office staff.

In 2013 Coralie received a Directors’ Thanks Award for her involvement in the rescue of 12 fishermen from the trawler Claremont that ran aground on Robben Island during a vicious storm on 13 August 2013.

She also received a CEO Letter of Appreciation Award for her service to Sea Rescue in 2018.

A Letter of Appreciation is presented to Coralie Wynsome McDonald

Coralie, it gives me great pleasure to record the NSRI board’s appreciation for your efforts over the past 14 years, firstly as a Sea Rescue crewman and latterly as a member of the NSRI Head Office staff.

You joined Station 2, Bakoven, on 01 December 2004, at the age of 29 and immediately threw yourself into the task of becoming a very well trained crew member, obtaining your Marine Radio licence and qualifying in Fire fighting, First Aid Level III, Coastal Navigation,
Outboard Motors and Surf Launching.

You accumulated 326 sea hours on Stn 2’s Class III rescue boat, rising to be a deputy Cox’n in short order and were in training to be a Cox’n when ill-health forced you to stand down as active crew in February 2015.

Nevertheless you stayed on at Bakoven as shore crew for a further year.

Meanwhile, on 01 May 2014 you came to work at the NSRI Head Office in the newly created position of Procurement Officer. This function is a most important component of any comprehensive management system, ensuring that everything needed to keep the organization running smoothly is available at the right time, in the right place and at the right price. With your advanced knowledge of the Excel program and a UCT Supply Chain Management Course to hone your skills you have developed a most effective computerized procurement system. Coupled with your infectious sunny nature and inherent administration abilities you have become a vitally important member of the NSRI Head Office team.

Thank you for exhibiting a passion over so many years for helping others through involvement in the work of the NSRI, despite serious personal obstacles to achieving this aim.

Coralie received a standing ovation from Station Commanders, crew and staff for her service to Sea Rescue at the Station Commander’s conference in June 2018.  Picture Andrew Ingram / Sea Rescue

The sound of the jingle bells up and down the stairs will be no more; but your zest for life, your sunny personality, your fighting spirit and your love for Sea Rescue will live in our hearts forever more.

Coralie will be sorely missed by all her Sea Rescue family.  May she rest in eternal peace.



11 Responses to “Farewell Coralie”

  1. Alison
    05. Jul, 2018 at 15:38 #

    RIP Coralie. You will be missed.

  2. Theo Erasmus
    05. Jul, 2018 at 16:16 #

    So sorry to hear, no more dark chocolates for Coralie, that was one of her favourites. Awesome person to deal with at HQ, always friendly and helpful in spite of her own challenges, RIP Coralie!

  3. Ian Ruthven
    05. Jul, 2018 at 16:35 #

    RIP very special friend. I was blessed to have been your friend and shipmate.

  4. Barbara Moscicki
    05. Jul, 2018 at 16:35 #

    Glad i got to know you the past few months and able to share my thoughts and words of courage and inspiration with you. Not that you needed any, you were determined to fight this fight and make that holiday in October. May you rest in peace girl.

  5. Justin
    05. Jul, 2018 at 16:56 #

    Heaven is a richer place today. RIP Coralie

  6. Graeme
    05. Jul, 2018 at 17:28 #

    A True warrior. Love you always my friend.

  7. Andy Connell
    05. Jul, 2018 at 18:21 #

    What a lovely bright photo of the real Coralie.
    A great one to remember her by.
    I admired her fighting spirit and she sure gave you that when you were procuring equipment. Coralie was no push-over.
    Get your purchase order right and she’s fine.
    A great asset and an inspiration, she did not ever use her illness as an excuse, but worked her bit as hard as any other and always pleasant to chat to and work with.
    She shouldered her cross and soldiered on while others bounced around like puppies, how she must have wished inwardly she would have the same quality of life.
    It was a shock to learn she was not beating it to a full recovery.
    God Bless and condolences to her family and thank you for sharing such a great lass with us all.

  8. Adi
    05. Jul, 2018 at 18:46 #

    Very sad day for NSRI. xox

  9. Christa
    05. Jul, 2018 at 22:30 #

    Rest in peace dear Coralie, you leave only beautiful memories behind for the rest of your team mates at NSRI.

  10. Clifford
    06. Jul, 2018 at 10:38 #

    Farewell Coralie
    NSRI is truly one big family and the loss of any person is always felt as if it is the loss of ones own sister or brother.
    Your enthusiasm and help and support on the procurement issues will always be remembered by myself and I am sure all of those that dealt with you.

  11. Ginger Stilwell Station 32
    06. Jul, 2018 at 19:19 #

    Rest In Peace my friend. Thank you for your friendship and wonderful memories, you will be sorely missed.

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