Three fishermen rescued

Mike Shaw, NSRI Mykonos duty coxswain, said:

At 12h38, Friday, 02 February, NSRI Mykonos duty crew were activated following a request for assistance from family members of 3 fishermen on a small 3 meter single fishing boat with reported motor mechanical failure off-shore of Paternoster.

The sea rescue craft Gemini Rescuer II was towed to Paternoster and launched.

Following a brief search the casualty craft was located 1 nautical off-shore in an approximately 20 knot wind with the 3 fishermen, locals from Paternoster aged 43, were found safe onboard and rowing towards the shore but struggling against the wind.

Our sea rescue craft towed the casualty craft to shore where it was recovered.

The fishermen were reunited with family and no further assistance was required.

The sea rescue craft Gemini Rescuer II arriving on the scene finding the 3 local Paternoster fishermen adrift at sea.


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    04. Feb, 2018 at 17:14 #

    Well done on a successful rescue at Paternoster. I think it is necessary to erect a sign on the Paternoster beach warning against the off shore south easter and how conditions change very quickly. In early DEC we witnessed 2 kayakers -visitors from Free State battle against a fierce SE wind returning to shore. They had set out in calm conditions earlier. It took a very long time for them to return, exhausted but fortunately both fit. On the same day two small unaccompanied children were knocked down by a large wave after wading in too deep trying to retrieve a body board which had blown away in the wind. Fortunately their fathers ran to assist.

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