A busy night for NSRI crew in the Cape Peninsula:

Image Credits: @BrynFTW / Twitter

At 16h00, Tuesday, 07 November, NSRI Gordon’s Bay crew dispatched resources to assist Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services and the Emergency Services at the fire at Sir Lowries Pass, Somerset West and Gordon’s Bay.

NSRI Kommetjie dispatched their fire tender trailer (sponsored by Enviro Wildfire Services) and NSRI Simon’s Town, NSRI Strandfontein and NSRI Hout Bay were placed on alert to send a crew to assist if required.

An NSRI Airborne Sea Rescue (ASR) crew member assisted NSRI Gordon’s Bay with logistics.

Assistance in fighting the fire, evacuation of residents and medical treatment was rendered on the scene by the sea rescue volunteers.

NSRI were released to return to base just after midnight.

At 21h43, NSRI Hout Bay duty crew launched the sea rescue craft Albie Matthews to assist the New Zealand Yacht Lucy, with 2 men and a woman onboard, in the Hout Bay harbour.

Image NSRI/Hout Bay

They had arrived in Hout Bay harbour earlier (from last Port of call Port Elizabeth) and anchored in the harbour but in strong winds gusting to 55 knots their anchor dragged and they raised the alarm calling Telkom Maritime Radio Services on their VHF radio and the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) activated NSRI Hout Bay.

On arrival on the scene we used our sea rescue craft assisted by the wind to get the yacht to a safe mooring, said Lyall Pringle, NSRI Hout Bay station commander.

Once safely moored they required no further assistance.

At 22h25, NSRI Kommetjie and NSRI Simon’s Town crew were activated to assist Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services and the SA Navy at a Fire on Red Hill.

NSRI assisted to cordon off areas threatened by the fire, evacuate residents and by around 02h030 were released from the scene.

Then at 03h15 NSRI Simon’s Town and NSRI Kommetjie were activated to assist Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services after the fire jumped the road into the Cape Point Nature Reserve and swept across the mountain towards Scarborough in strong South Easterly winds.

NSRI assisted to fight the fire, render medical assistance and evacuate residents and remained actively involved until 06h30 on Wednesday, 08 November.

At 08h30, NSRI Kommetjie returned to the scene in the vicinity of Scarborough where crew remained to assist in fire fighting, traffic management, medical treatment and residential evacuations until around 11h45.

At 06h00, Wednesday, 08 November, NSRI Simon’s Town were placed on alert for a yacht heading towards Simon’s Town from the Gordon’s Bay area and requiring assistance in strong winds.

By 08h35, with wind strength subsiding, NSRI Simon’s Town were stood down after conditions improved and the yacht reported to be making good headway towards Simon’s Town and no longer required assistance.


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    wow thank you all for your hard work, it is much appreciated. I did not realize you helped with the fires as well. I take my hat off you all of you!!

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