Search for suspected swimmer in difficulty – Port Edward. Response to Maritime Pilot fallen overboard – Table Bay:


Alan Stilwell, NSRI Port Edward duty controller, said:

At 14h26, Monday, 04 September, NSRI Port Edward duty crew were activated following eye-witness reports of an unidentified object seen floating in the water at Black Rock, Port Edward.

The eye-witness reported seeing what was thought to be a person or an object in the water that disappeared beneath the surf close inshore at Black Rock.

Our NSRI rescue swimmers responded directly to the scene and our Discovery rescue runner was launched into rough sea conditions and KZN private ambulance services, Medivac private ambulance services, the SA Police Services and a Police Search and Rescue squad responded.

An extensive shore and sea search revealed no sign of any person or any object and there remains no report of any person missing.

NSRI and the Police will continue to monitor the situation but it remains unknown what was observed by the eye-witness in the water.


Pat van Eyssen, NSRI Table Bay coxswain, said:

At 21h43, Monday, 04 September, NSRI Table Bay duty crew were activated by the TNPA (Transnet National Ports Authority) following reports of a Maritime Pilot (Harbour Pilot) fallen overboard in the approach channel inbound lane outside the Port of Table Bay.

The pilot had fallen into the sea from a boarding ladder while boarding the ship Acacia Noir.

The crew aboard her pilot boat, Petrel, raised the alarm while turning around to affect a rescue.

NSRI Table Bay launched the sea rescue craft Spirit of Day and the sea rescue craft Spirit of Vodacom was prepared to be launched.

NSRI Bakoven were activated and WC Government Health EMS and the AMS/EMS Skymed rescue helicopter were alerted.

The crew of Petrel successfully rescued their Maritime Pilot from the water and she was brought to the pier at the Port Control Tower.

Our sea rescue craft rendezvoused with Petrel as she entered Port and escorted the harbour pilot boat to the Pier.

NSRI medics attended to the harbour pilot. She had reportedly been in the water for 10 minutes before being rescued and she was found to be not injured and just a bit cold and she was wrapped in blankets.

ER24 ambulance services were activated and as a precaution the patient was transported to hospital by ambulance.

The crew of the harbour pilot boat Petrel are commended for the swift and successful rescue of their Maritime Pilot.



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