Man rescued from rocks

Ian Gray, NSRI Port Elizabeth station commander, said:

At 16h10 on Saturday the 9th of September, NSRI Port Elizabeth duty crew were activated following reports from Summerstrand lifeguards of a man appearing to be in trouble on rocks. He was cut off from the mainland during the rising tide.

The sea rescue craft Spirit of Surfski IV, with our NSRI coxswain Mike Wilson and NSRI crewman Adrian James, was launched and CWR (Coastal Water Rescue) and EC Government Health EMS responded.

On arrival on the scene an unidentified surfer was found with the 35 year old Port Elizabeth man.

The 35 year old man had been fishing on the rocks which had been cut off from the mainland during the rising high tide. Waves had started to wash over him and an unidentified surfer had paddled out to him. The surfer had stayed with him reassuring him that help was on the way and encouraging him to brace and to hold tight when the waves washed over him.

Our NSRI sea rescue craft arrived on the scene and found the man trapped on the rocks. There was approximately an hour to go before high tide would have completely swamped the rocks.

Coxswain Mike Wilson put the bow of Spirit of Surfski IV onto the edge of the rocks and crewman Adrian James pulled the fisherman into the sea rescue craft, and backing away from the rocks they thanked the surfer for his assistance and the casualty was brought safely back to shore.

EMS paramedics checked on the man and with no injuries he was released requiring no further assistance.

The unidentified surfer is commended for his assistance.

Picture attached: Picture taken by Dirk Erasmus of CWR (Coastal Water Rescue): The sea rescue craft Spirit of Surfski IV with the casualty on board and the surfer who helped being thanked by coxswain Mike Wilson.


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