Canoeists caught in hyacinth and young man trapped on rocks

Station 25 Hartbeespoort Dam file image


Michael Saunders, NSRI Hartbeespoort Dam station commander, said: At 12h30 on Saturday 15th July, NSRI Hartbeespoort Dam duty crew were activated following eye-witness reports of 2 canoeists appearing to be stranded in the Hyacinth on Hartbeespoort Dam.

Our duty crew launched the rescue craft Rotary Endeavor and proceeded to make their way through the thick and compacted Hyacinth.

With two crew on the bow using oars and their legs to clear a path in front of the rescue craft we finally came alongside the first casually, an adult male, approximately 300m offshore on a fishing canoe.  He is a local fisherman who had launched in clear water earlier in the day but due to the shift in wind he and his friend had become trapped in dense hyacinth.

With the first casualty taken safely onboard we proceeded to the second man who was approximately 200m away trapped in Hyacinth on his fishing canoe and he was taken safely onboard our rescue craft.

With both casualties safely aboard Rotary Endeavour negotiated a path back through the Hyacinth.

The casualties were handed over to the Estate Security who helped them return to their original launch area.

Both men were unharmed and required not medical assistance, unfortunately we were unable to recover their canoes and they will make arrangements to recover them once circumstances allow.

Martha, who works for local residents (the Ball family), first noticed the men in difficulty.   Connor Ball and his father Glen are commended for contacting NSRI without delay and for providing updates as to the exact location and progress of casualties. They were instrumental in guiding us to the fisherman.

Rotary Endeavour and Crew stood down at 15H40 and returned to base.


Lyall Pringle, NSRI Hout Bay station commander, said:

At 14h52 on Sunday 16th July, NSRI Bakoven duty crew were alerted to investigate reports of a young man appearing to be injured and trapped on rocks at Llandudno.

NSRI Hout Bay dispatched a shore rescue crew to investigate and WC Government Health EMS dispatched the Hout Bay Volunteer EMS ambulance and Llandudno Surf Lifesaving lifeguards responded.

On arrival on the scene we found a local man had been trapped on rocks in the surf and slightly injured after attempting to recover a dog that had been swept away by currents.

The dog was safely ashore and unharmed and members of the public had formed a human chain to get the young man, aged 24, from Rondebosch, off the rocks, through the surf and safely ashore.

He did not require any further assistance.


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