PE crew support Knysna

From left: Stuart Black, Kyle de Vry, Andre Aggenbach, Marizaan Booysen, Sean Lunnon and Kevin Warren

NSRI Port Elizabeth was a drop off point yesterday for much needed supplies for Knysna families affected by the fires.  Yesterday they collected 300 litres of drinking water  as well as food, clothing and blankets.

Today the crew collected a further  1 215 litres of drinking water for their colleagues at Station 12 and their families.  Thank you so much to the friends and family of our Sea Rescue community, Ultra Liquors, William Moffet, Group 1 Motors Port Elizabeth, Liz De vry, Ronel Anadale,  BEST swimming club and TWSA swimming club to so kindly contributed.


Special thanks to Judy Venter and Globe Flight who arranged to deliver the water to our crew in Knysna tomorrow morning.

Three of our Knysna rescue crew lost their homes in the fire. Many of the others have suffered damage to property.  We are grateful for the support shown from the PE community towards our Station 12 Knysna family. The PE rescue base will continue to be a drop off point this weekend.


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