NSRI WaterWise Academy – Yazi Ngamanzi

The NSRI’s WaterWise Yazi Ngamanzi has reached over 1.3 million school children.

We estimate that Nine double decker buses full of children drown each year. We need to change the lives of children by giving them water safety lessons in a safe learning environment.

Dr Cleeve Robertson, NSRI CEO estimates that in South Africa there are 2000 fatal drowning incidents of which 600 are children each year. We also conservatively believe that 10 times the number above suffer some form of hypoxic brain injury from non-fatal drowning incidents, with associated social and economic knock on effects, as reported in various studies and scientific journals. We therefore estimate that approximately 20 000 people suffer from fatal and non-fatal drowning each year”.

The non-fatal drowning rate varies from 2 – 50 times the number of fatal drownings in various reports, and countries. We believe that a figure of 10 times the fatal drownings for SA is conservative.

According to the Medical Research Council, those most at risk of drowning are children from poor communities. The highest incidence of drowning is in fresh water, farm dams swimming pools and rivers.

(Video: Chris McCarthy, Narrator: Mark Bayly)


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  1. Andy Connell
    22. Jun, 2017 at 08:24 #

    I stand humbled and in awe of the Waterwise initiative and its instructors.

    I had the blessed fortune to interact with Eoudia recently and I am blown away by the passion and commitment.
    This is a really far reaching, far sighted commitment to prevention, and this video does it justice.
    I really believe future volunteer rescuer will tell of how the flame od passion for rescue was ignited by a Waterwise instructor.
    Viva Waterwise
    Viva the transformation this will yield.

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